Hobbies for the Homebound – How to Banish the Boredom

So, you’ve binged on just about every series Netflix has to offer. You’ve read Barack Obama’s autobiography front to back, and you’ve cleaned the inside of your kitchen cupboards more times than you care to remember. By now, you’re probably dreaming of a holiday abroad, dressing up for a night out with your friends or even going to a show.

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The good news is that the global vaccine programme offers us a path back to normality. In the space of a few months, depending on the country and rollout, we could be returning to many of the activities we know, love and will probably never take for granted again. But, for the time being, we need to refuel our imaginations and come up with some socially-distanced hobbies that will help us make the most of our spare time.

Here are our top ‘hobbies for the homebound’ to banish the boredom — activities that will also ensure you’re mentally and physically sharp and fighting fit by the time the world goes back to normal:


Online fitness classes and HIIT workouts

Pounding the pavement on your own, jogging to stay fit, can be a solitary existence. Some people are super-motivated. They’ll pull on their sneakers and go out running by themselves in the rain, slush or snow. But the rest of us benefit from having a ‘spotter’ — those motivating, gym-instructor-types who force us into doing exercise, which we despise amid our press-ups but appreciate once we’ve gone through all the pain.

Luckily, online fitness instructors like Joe Wicks have risen to prominence in recent months and filled the void left by closed gyms. Joe’s YouTube classes are becoming a global phenomenon, and the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) he advocates can cut down your workout to as little as 10–15 minutes. All you need is a screen, an internet connection, and a reasonably ample space in which to contort your body into the various moves and shapes he manages. 

For those of us who have put on a bit of timber during the lockdown, HIIT workouts offer a perfect way to burn fat and help ensure all those clothes you bought before the pandemic still fit.


Online gaming 

Hooking up with friends on cross-platform games like Fortnite ( a free-to-play Battle Royale game with numerous game modes) or venturing onto other sites and platforms is a great way to keep your mind sharp and mix with other people socially.

It can be challenging to choose where to game, battle and play, which is where game reviews, online reviews and casino review sites come in handy, offering you trustworthy reviews about the best place for you to have a flutter online, irrespective of whether you’re a pro or a complete novice. Then there are online versions of chess or drafts, classics like Words with Friends and even virtual escape rooms that you and your friends can try and get out of together, linked up to one another through platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Skype. 


Learn a musical instrument 

This hobby has undoubtedly got to be on most people’s bucket lists. You may not have the money or space to fork out for a grand piano, but acoustic guitars can be picked up for reasonable prices, and it’s not that hard to learn the basic chords and start strumming a tune. Plus, there’s a wide choice of great websites providing chords and tablature for your favourite pop songs, making it easier to follow them. 

Not got the inclination to play music but desperate to attend a concert? Sites such as ‘To Do Canada’ are listing music performances and concerts that can be live-streamed and enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.


Plan an epic trip for when lockdown ends

Do you have your heart set on the prospect of going on holiday again and experiencing some foreign culture? Then don’t fight your feelings, channel that energy, and plan an epic trip when travel opens up again.

You don’t even need a Lonely Planet guide. There are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated to globetrotting. Take some inspiration from The Bucket List Family, who took their kids out of school for an extraordinary adventure worldwide. Or you could visit sites such as ‘Worldpackers’ to find out who are the top travel YouTubers you should be following. 


Earn some extra cash

Are you feeling extra creative? Why not turn that hobby of yours into a revenue stream and put a little extra cash in the bank for when you’re able to go on a shopping splurge?

If you’ve been enjoying crafting in your spare time recently, hobbies such as crocheting and sewing have certainly grown in popularity during the lockdown. International marketplaces such as Etsy can help you sell your wares to strangers. Or, if words are more your thing, you could try some freelance writing.


So there you have it, our mini guide to keep you sane, at home, and safe, all in one, well, at least the first two.

Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!