GWAR returns to Toronto

Heavy metal band GWAR took over Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre on Monday, October 16th. The band and their openers made sure to fill the whole venue, not only with people but covered it in blood as well. First up was Cancer Christ, opening up strong with dramatic performances of ripping up text and involving the crowd. They made sure to start the night off strong and baptize everyone in blood before departing the stage. Canadian band, Blood Opera was up next. The band made sure to keep the theatrics going strong with their costumes replicating the undead. The band carried enchanting melodies and a high-performance atmosphere that led straight to headliners GWAR. Before the music even started, the crowd had been riled up with a duel and a blood splattering. Throughout the show, everyone was happily singing and participating in all the antics of the performances. GWAR makes sure to have their concerts be a complete production and is sure to give you an unforgettable night.

Christina Macaluso

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