Guide to Gaming Genres: Which are Best for You

Gaming is more popular than it ever has been. Gone are the days where you would be considered a nerd or a geek if you declare the fact that you were a gaming fan. Pretty much everyone and anyone can be a gamer these days without fear of social stigma, turns out that I was right in high school all along! But there is a huge variety and scope in the range of titles and genres, so how do we know which is best for us? Well, in some ways it’s trial and error but let’s look at some of the most popular genres.


Kids Games

This is obvious; games that are either designed for, or are suitable for kids. But you can split this into two categories, games that are for kids and games that are suitable for kids; basically family games. So Xbox One Kinnect Sports Rivals or Wii Sports can be enjoyed by the whole family but something like ChimpParty is a little kids game.



Do you have a favourite sport? Well, that answers the question of what to play. Like football? Play Madden, or Fifa for soccer fans. For every major sport, there is pretty much a title available, and many of them are produced by EA Sports, the first stop for any sports gaming fan.


First Person Shooter

Shooters are a gaming genre that takes a whole range of skill, planning, and coordination, especially on multiplayer modes. Classic titles such as Call of Duty or Halo have massive followings and still release new titles regularly.



RPG or Role Playing Games are one of the oldest types of games around. They usually feature fantasy storylines and typically involve characters such as wizards and elves. These games have really come into their own in the internet age and giant games such as Warcraft or League of Legends (LOL) are so popular that you can even buy a lol smurf which is a character account built up and sold on to give you a high-level character without the leg-work.



Adventure games are not dissimilar to RPG games but they do have different origins. They are more involved with solving puzzles, using objects and working through a story-line. They are not necessarily in the fantasy genre and are not necessarily violent. They originally come from the old text adventures that then became point and click games and finally now have fully interactive immersive games.


Mobile Games

These games quite often are free, or at least are not nearly as expensive as their console or PC equivalents, but what they do have is ways of making money from us such as small purchases of game items or lives, etc or advertising that you watch to gain these rewards.

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