Go Local: Love Good Fats

I remember shopping with my mum as a child when the first round of the no-fat/low fat craze started. I remember my mum, a nurse at the time, said to me, don’t believe everything you see. There are good fats that your body needs. Most of these products are empty and have no nutritional value. That has always stuck with me.

On a positive note, it seems that many here and around the world have wrapped their head around the fact that we all need good fats.



So, where are good fats found? In many oils, nuts, avocado, fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines) and many more.

Now, when it comes to eating a balanced diet that includes the above-listed products and so much more, but for me, that consists of some great snack, that you guessed it, include nuts.

So when I came across chewy, nutty bars from Love Good Fats, I had to have a taste, and that I did.



The bars are hearty, healthy and full of good fats, as the label claims, and just as the label also claims, they are, in fact, ridiculously delicious, chewy with just a little bit of sweetness.

Each bar offers eight grams of protein, eleven grams of fibre, and just one gram of sugar, which is very low compared to most bars on the market.

The mix of nuts chocolate and will have you wanting more, but they aren’t just tasty. They are also gluten-free, certified keto, and made with sustainable ingredients.


Ready to add a new snack to your routine? Check out Love Good Fats and their entire range today.



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