Giving the gift of flowers; What should you buy?

Flowers are a traditional and much-appreciated gift one can give to their significant other. Flowers are a token of love and affection and are a beautiful reminder to someone special that you care. Some like to question the practice like “what’s romantic about giving someone cut flowers that will die?”, but we think, they are missing the point.

Flowers evoke emotion, whether it be through fragrance or sight, and so flowers can elegantly communicate deep feelings. Yes, cut flowers will eventually wither – but the joy on your significant other’s face can be a timeless moment, and as we say, it’s the moments that make life great.

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An assorted variety of flower gifts


If a single rose says “I love you” than a bouquet of roses is like a dozen “I love you’s”, right? Bouquets are unique because typically a florist will pick the best flowers to create a beautiful arrangement. Alternatively, you can also make your own, and many florists nowadays, make sure they wrap it for you!


Potted Flowers

While your significant other may love flowers, they may become sad when the cut flowers eventually expire. For that reason, some choose instead to purchase flowers that are potted in soil, to keep them alive with care.


Flower Pendants

Some of the most popular jewellery pendants for women are designed in the shape of flowers and petals. You can also personalise the gift a bit by finding flower pendants with set stones in colours they appreciate, or flowers of their birth month.


Floral Perfumes

While there are many types of perfumes, floral perfumes specifically relate to flowers and the beauty of nature. Some of the most popular notes in floral fragrances include hints of rose, jasmine, and blossoms.


A complete package gift

Chocolates, stuffed toys, perfumes, and jewels always go perfectly with flowers. You can make a complete package which includes some or all of the above, and arrange it neatly in a basket. Voila, you have the perfect gift.


Flowers for her:

Almost all women are fond of flowers. Depending on the personality of a woman and the occasion, some flowers are mentioned below:


  • Passionate and Romantic: For setting the mood for a romantic occasion, pick the type of flower wisely when it comes to romance. While red roses are the most renowned, you can also opt for tulips, carnations, lilies, orchids and daisies. 
  • Hypoallergenic Flowers: It doesn’t mean you cannot give flowers to your woman if she is allergic to some distinctive flowers. You can always go for allergy-free flowers like daffodils, hyacinth, carnations, hydrangeas, orchids, and roses. These flowers have very minute or zero allergens. 
  • Flowers to Woo: Some find giving flowers on a first date to be a rather excessive gesture, especially roses. However, a single pretty and vibrant flower can still be a sweet gesture, without intimidating your date. Some good flowers for this are lilies, orchids, and tulips.


Flower for him;

Who said men don’t like receiving flowers? Well, okay, there’s probably some truth to the stereotype, but some men could appreciate flowers as a gift, just as much as any woman.

It depends on the man, but men are typically utilitarian (things should serve a purpose or function). So with that in mind, it may be better to gift a man with potted flowers, or something that suits a purpose.

This is a somewhat tricky concept to explain because you might be wondering “how useful could flowers be to a man?”. And so well, you’d have to consider whether the man is fond of gardening (many are!), or if he would have a practical reason for keeping flowers.

For example, I knew a man who distilled and sold essential oils. He kept a garden of plants and flowers for this purpose. So some potted flowers known to be used in floral oils would’ve made a good gift for him.


If you aren’t sure what flowers to get, you can always buy a potted plant, it’s a sure bet to not only make the replicant happy but, it will also hang around.


The one question now, what will you be buying next?

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