Get Maximum Results From Your Self-Care Routine With These Tips

Self care – it’s a term we hear a ton of stuff about. But do you ever get time to actually do it? Or do you just spend a whole lot of your time feeling guilty that you have no self-care routine? Loads of us secretly worry that we will end up with prematurely aged skin and implode in a huge ball of stress because self care just never seems to happen.

So, why do so many of us neglect self care routines when we hear so much about their great importance? Well, after spending what feels a lot like all your time at work, just getting home and chilling can feel like a chore. When you spend most of your day working and whatever time you have left over on chores, devoting any of your hours to yourself can be tough.

It’s ironic that the very nature of self care is now used as a stick to beat ourselves with. As if we don’t already have enough on our minds! So why not let go of any feelings of guilt? Stop beating yourself up about being neglectful of your well-being and try something a little different?

But the big question is how to do it. Unfortunately, magicking more hours into your day is never going to be possible. So what’s the alternative, apart from doing nothing at all? Doing nothing only leads to more guilt, so how about trying this instead?

When your time is super short, maxing it out is the only way to go. Grasping at the free time you do have and packing your self care into it is a great way to break your self care drought. So let’s spend a while taking a look at how you can maximize your self care results when you have minimal time:


Choose the Right Products

It’s time to get picky with your products. When you know you have zero time, you can’t waste it on applying products that don’t deliver the results you need. It’s not all about choosing the most expensive products or even the obscure cult beauty finds that you see on social media. Instead, it’s just about finding products that will work hard with minimum effort needed from you.

When you have the best products lined up and ready to use, you can turbo charge your routine in pro style. Turbo charging your routine may be your goal, but how do you achieve it while getting your skin looking amazing?

Picking the perfect formulation is your best place to begin. Figuring out which consistency and ingredients are going to pack the most powerful punch is essential, too. You may never have even thought too much about this before, so now is the time to get started.

It’s time to consider questions such as should you choose moisturizer or lotion even though you’ve probably never thought about the difference ever before in your life.

Curating your skincare with the right ingredients will always be a fantastic idea. You can save yourself a heap of time doing this. Basically, your products will do all the hard work with minimal effort from you. This means your skin looks great with a load less effort. It’s the perfect beauty secret for the time-poor among us.


Commit and Stick With It

Figured out your skincare? Great! Now it’s time to repeat it. Do it again, day after day. That’s it. Before you even know, you have a self care routine for your skin. It’s short, but this time spent on yourself is oh so valuable. It’s a small investment in yourself, but one that still counts for a lot.

Repetition is going to be your key to success right here. Most skincare products deliver results only when used repeatedly. So be sure to keep going.

The more you do something, the easier it is to get on board and stick with it. So, once you’ve found time for this self care habit, introduce a couple more. Use a mindfulness meditation app for ten minutes a day. Or, take a quick walk in the fresh air in your lunch break. These small things count for a lot.


Figure Out What Works For You

There’s no rule book for self care. The key is consistency. So find what works for you, do what you enjoy, and just keep on going with it. Even if you dedicate ten minutes a day to something that’s just for you, it’ll be ten minutes well-spent.



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!