Follow These Tips To Make Your Business More Accessible

If you are operating a storefront, there are a few things you need to do to make your business friendly for all. An inviting atmosphere is great, but you must ensure everyone can come inside and see what you offer.


Ensure Your Point of Purchase Areas are Convenient for Everybody

Some people can easily walk up to a counter and complete a purchase transaction. For others, making a payment at a high counter is next to impossible as they may be in a wheelchair or use a walker. Incorporating innovative technology into your storefront makes it better for your customers to buy what they need and want. In addition, you show them their continued value as consumers within society.

With the addition of a mobile card reader to your payment counter, you change how purchases are made for everyone involved. Your customers can tap, swipe, or insert their cards as usual. Others can make their payment when your staff picks up the mobile card reader and walks it around the counter. They can even walk outside for an immunocompromised customer to make a payment during a curbside pickup.

Your team will thank you, too, as they will no longer be pressed to figure out how to accept a payment from someone who cannot reach a static card reader. Of course, you can complete the transaction for them, but it is so much kinder to allow them the autonomy to handle their purchase affairs with dignity.


Make Your Website Compliant for Those With Disabilities

Having a disability in any form should not prevent anyone from accessing what your business has to offer. The exact opposite should occur. You and your team should ensure everyone can experience your products and services. Luckily, there are some very reasonable and easy ways to ensure this happens.


Create an Inviting Atmosphere for People With All Abilities

  • Reassess your building space. Begin by widening the aisles and the space between racks so that those in all types of wheelchairs can maneuver without becoming caught on the racks or products.


Add a ramp if you do not already have one. Your local city inspector will guide you on the required specifications.

Add easily accessible electronic door openers so anyone can access the building whether they are in a wheelchair, use assistive walking devices, or are pushing a stroller.


  • Rethink your signage. For consumers to understand what you are offering and where items are, you should rethink how your signage reads for everyone.


A common and necessary addition is to incorporate Braille signs next to or directly on your current ones. By placing the signs and information where someone can easily access the signs for touch and sight, you are allowing more people to engage with your offerings.

Watch this video to learn about the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.



Use some of these innovative and easy-to-apply ideas to bring more customers to where you are. Help them navigate your store at their level and level of ability. Your efforts will be rewarded with devoted customers.



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!