Five Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Resume

Do you feel that you are the perfect candidate for a specific professional position? If so, you are certainly not alone. Recent findings suggest that you can expect a rise in wages due to increased levels of competition which is why creating an effective resume is so critical. Let us look at five takeaway points to address when trying to improve your resume.


All About First Impressions

In terms of a resume, many recruiters judge a book by its cover, so first impressions are crucial. Include a cover letter with a recent (professional) picture, and use the same font throughout the piece. Create a strong opening statement that will serve as a “hook” to maintain the potential employers’ interest. 


The Power of Specificity

Professionals in human resources recommend that you create a resume that illustrates your unique talents. In other words, never adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Make sure you tailor the resume in question to the specific role or industry you are applying for. The entire document could exude a rather generic flavour; never beneficial if you are hoping to rise above the competition. 


Highlighting Your Unique Attributes

Make it a point to list your skills, achievements and past accomplishments. These could refer to academic awards, university degrees, professional recognition, or NVQs. What is NVQ in this sense?

An NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification (often awarded in England and Wales). This title demonstrates your hands-on proficiency within a particular field, so be sure to include it if relevant.

In short, you want to showcase your schooling, certifications, along with your real-world experience and past employment.


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Consider the Reader in Question

Search engine optimization (SEO) should always be taken into account. This is because computers automatically sort many resumes instead of human resource specialists based upon keyword usage and relevant text. However, always remember that you are ultimately writing to cater to the needs of the reader.

Modify the tone of your text around the responsibilities of the role in question. From a general point of view, it is best to avoid humour and maintain a professional tone. Let’s recall that dozens of applicants are likely applying for the same position. Thus, brevity is the soul of wit as long as this style can convey what you can offer the company accurately. 


Quantify Your Life Accomplishments

Remember that a resume should showcase your talents and traits. Never be afraid to quantify these accomplishments within a bullet point list. Properly outlining who you are and what you offer is what can make all of the difference between a memorable resume and one which is passed over in favour of a similarly qualified candidate. 


If you can craft a high-quality resume, the chances of obtaining the job of your dreams are very real indeed, and while we aren’t all experts, there is more than enough information on google that can help guide you to build a strong, suitable resume.


Whether you are looking to get additional career advice or are interested in a host of other lifestyle posts updated frequently, be sure to check back regularly. 




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