Exploring Australia – Tasmania

If you get the chance to visit Tasmania, do it. After visiting this past November, my short time there was full of magical views, fantastic food, beautiful drives, and lush landscapes surrounded by stunning blue and green waters.

For those who don’t know, Tasmania is a state of Australia and sits south of the main island, about 150 miles (240 km) south of Victoria. The state of  Tasmania comprises a main island (Tasmania); Bruny Island, which sits close to the southeastern coast of the main Island; King Island and Flinders Island in Bass Strait; numerous smaller islands off the coast of the main Island; and subantarctic Macquarie Island, about 900 miles (1,450 km) to the southeast.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful my visit to Tasmania and Australia was. Still, I’m going to outline a few reasons why I had such a great visit to Tasmania, the main Island, and Bruny Island.


Wineglass Bay

When we started, I was in awe. Driving through mainland Tasmania, in the rural areas, to one side, you’d look away from the water and see green fields full of sheep, with rocks jutting out here and there, much like you might see in Scotland. You look back to the water, and to my surprise, it looks much like the Caribbean, with vibrant greens and blues, but it’s much colder.

The mix of the two was not only visually interesting. It made for a stunning surround the entire trip.

Along the way through our adventures, we managed not only to see the Island and drive around a lot of it but also went on a boat cruise that took us around the eastern side of Tasmania. Setting out from Jetty Rd in Coles Bay, we launched into the blue green waters, cruising along the coast to see the rugged rocky edges and stunning white beaches from another angle, and maybe see some sea life along the way.

Lucky for us, we saw seals, dolphins and even some playful whales along the way (pictured above), and while I had seen them all before, I was once again mesmerized by the grandeur and elegance of our friends from the ocean.

Our destination for the tour of the same name, Wineglass Bay, brought us to the most idyllic spot of our trip as we sailed as close to the shores as possible and gazed onto one of the most pristine and untouched beaches I’d ever seen, so much so that later on that day once we were back on dry land, we would hike through Freycinet National Park to see a birds-eye view of the truly mesmerizing Wineglass bay, and let me tell you, both views were well worth the trip.


Coles and Freycinet Bays

Nestled on a little peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania, the Coles Bay and Freycinet Bay area of Tasmania is quite a spectacular spot. Great for hiking, adventures, boating and an all-around great time, not only did we explore to see Wineglass Bay, but we made sure to try and take in the whole area, drop in for meals at different resorts, and enjoy a wonderful stay at Freycinet Resort, which while modest, had the most epic views by day, and the perfect place for stargazing at night.

From the rugged coastline to beautiful brush, hikes galore and endless stary skies, from Coles Bay to Freycinet Bay, it is the perfect spot to stay and relax or lean in the adventure and boat, hike and explore the day away.


The Amazing Food

Throughout our entire visit, the food was all delightfully delicious. From out-of-this-world oysters to some of the best red meat I’ve probably had in my life, right across the board, I enjoyed meal after meal in Tasmania.

On Bruny Island, we had some of the best Oysters of my life at Get Shucked, which were so well-priced it blew my mind. We had fantastic fare along the way, including a wonderful dinner at Peppina.

Peppina can be found in the Tasman Hotel and is excellent for guests staying there or visiting if you happen to be nearby. Their menu is vast. Their service was spectacular. Their food was downright delicious, and as I write this, I wish I was still there so I could enjoy another dinner.


The Tasman Hotel

Speaking of The Tasman, a Luxury Collection Hotel, this fantastic property can be found in the perfect location nestled in the heart of Hobart. Making it not only super convenient but also a superb stay thanks to its beautiful interior and endless amenities.

The Tasman has beautiful rooms that are very classy while also giving the feeling that you’re right at home, a lovely bar that serves some of the most amazing mocktails I’ve probably had in my life, an excellent staff who were not only incredibly friendly but true professionals, and as mentioned the property is surrounded by all sorts of things to do, like the Salamanca market, where you can find pretty much anything you might be looking for, from local artists, many of which make their products by hand. It’s worth a wander through.

If you’re visiting Tasmania or planning to stay in Hobart, you have to check out The Tasman.


The Agrarian Kitchen

While staying in Hobart or nearby, you must visit The Agrarian Kitchen if you are looking for a new experience and an outstanding lunch.

Tour the grounds, see their gardens while learning about eco-friendly farming, then make your way into their beautiful and bright restaurant and eat some of the produce you just saw growing.

It’s a fantastic experience, with a very knowledgeable staff and inspired and out-of-the-world dishes that will have you talking about it even once you’re back.


MONA – The Museum of Old and New Art

If you’re staying in and around Hobart or returning from The Agrarian Kitchen heading back to Hobart, I suggest you visit MONA, The Museum of Old and New Art; the museum is truly exquisite. The complex may very well be the best part, as the exterior and interior are stunning. Just they alone are worth taking an hour or two to explore. Still, lucky for all of us, the museum is also chalked full of fantastic and thought-provoking art and installations, making it a great way to spend a morning or afternoon for solo or group travellers alike.


Bruny Island

Our final adventure in the state of Tasmania, Australia, would be somewhere I didn’t even know existed before this trip, which is beautiful Bruny Island. I’ve honestly never been anywhere like it. Bruny is calm on the Island but windy from the water. There are stunning views and warm air, surrounded by the crisp, cold ocean. It is something to behold and to experience.

I must admit, I’m not one to have my breath taken away too often, but the sights we saw and the views along the way were like nothing I’d experienced before. Unlike a lot of areas with endless stunning views, there were almost no other tourists to contend with anywhere we stopped, as we had stumbled upon a hidden treasure of Oceania.

Along the way, we found delicious local cheese and honey shops and the cutest bread stop, where you get and pay for your bread in an old fridge at the side of the road. The bread was fresh, crunchy and delicious, and we happily left our money for the experience of it all and some stellar bread.

This little Island is a piece of paradise. It’s quiet, tranquil, and filled with endless amazing views, most of which seem completely untouched or marred by the outside world.


I honestly can’t say enough about how much I loved my visit to Tasmania, a place that I spent my entire life dreaming about visiting. Now that I have, I can say it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, not only because of its grandeur and stunning views but because of the people, the food, and how untouched most of it is by human interference.

If you get the chance to visit or have the opportunity, do it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.



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