Essential Appliances for Every Modern Home

Did you just move into a new home and planning to enrich it with essential appliances such as top-rated microwaves or top-of-the-line ovens?? Maybe it’s time to modernize your house and make it more practical and comfortable with new machines and gadgets. Or maybe you’re looking for a perfect housewarming present for someone you love. No matter the reason, it’s great to know all the essential appliances necessary for the smooth functioning of any household. Here are a few appliances one simply can’t live without in these modern times:


Cooktop with oven 

If you ever step into your kitchen to prepare food from scratch, then you know that you need a cooktop. These appliances are perfect for preparing all sorts of cooked and fried foods and heating up leftovers. And for advanced cooks (or those looking to get into baking), an oven is a must. Most ranges with an oven come with a few baking pans and sheets, so you don’t even have to worry about starting your baking journey.


Fridge with a freezer 

Today, there’s no life in almost any climate with a refrigerator. And if you can have a practical fridge and freezer combo, you’ll realize the sheer practicality of this product. There are different types of appliances with this configuration—fridge on top and freezer on the bottom, freezer on top and fridge on the bottom, freezer and fridge side by side, etc. Depending on your space and budget, you can choose any combination you like, and you’ll get ultimate practicality in your kitchen, with all the different foods in one spot.


Washer/dryer combo 

The most effective way to clean and dry your clothes today comes to us in the form of a dryer and washing machine in one—a practical and effective appliance that will make doing laundry a breeze. This is a perfect appliance for people who struggle with space in their homes and those who simply love a more minimalist setup. With this combo appliance, you don’t need two bulky machines in your home, opening up much more space for other appliances and activities. And if you can find a smart washer/dryer combo, most of your laundry chores will be automated and easier than ever before.



A dishwasher is the most practical way to take care of dirty dishes, but it’s also the greenest one. Did you know that you can save a lot of water and energy when using a dishwasher when compared to standard hand washing of your dishes? Plus, it’s much easier on your hands, back, time and effort. If you care about the environment, you’re going to love this next appliance even more.


Effective vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming might not be at the top of your list of favourite chores, but it’s an essential task that maintains your home clean of dust, crumbs, hair and other debris. Every household needs a practical vacuum cleaner, and your perfect model depends on the size of your home, traffic, and your mobility. People who just need to vacuum once a week or so, can opt for something light with a smaller housing and motor. Those who always seem to have a house full of pet hair, dust bunnies and other dirt might consider a more powerful motor for their vacuum or even a robot vacuum that will clean their home almost around the clock.


Electric kettle

This might be one of the smaller and cheaper appliances for your home, but you’ll also use this one the most. Your electric kettle will serve you 100 purposes, from warming up water for ramen noodles or instant oatmeal to boiling water for coffee, tea or any other hot drink. It’s also practical for hot spa treatments at home. This appliance is small and can fit into your counter’s cabinet or unused corner.


Modern households also would never give up their microwaves, blenders, toaster ovens, air fryers and pressure cookers. If you include all of these in your home, you’ll make your life much easier and more pleasurable.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff