Distortion Ø: Copenhagen’s Largest Electronic Music Celebration

As Copenhagen’s biggest street party and electronic festival, Distortion brings over 100,000 music lovers to the streets of its various neighbourhoods. Throughout the five-day event, the city is filled with everything from dog parades, communal dining experiences, skateboarding events, documentary screenings, and of course street parties.

Distortion Ø 2022

Photo by Katrina Lat

To cap off a week of cultural celebration, the festival hosts a final party – Distortion Ø, the largest event in Northern Europe for new electronic music.

Distortion Ø 2022

Distortion Ø 2022. Photo by Katrina Lat

This two-day party takes place at a secluded, greenery-filled area in Refshaleøen, a former industrial site near Copenhagen’s harbor.

With its mix of winding paths, tucked away cozy green spots, and wide areas, the grounds felt both intimate and diverse, lending itself well to the various styles of electronic music hosted within the festival’s four stages (Forest Stage, Trance Tunnel, Sunrise Stage, and Disco Stage).