Creating a Perfect Website for Your Small Business

Everyone has by now visited a website that for one reason or another simply captures their attention in a remarkable way. This is usually done by incorporating some crucial features. However, it is also the case that there are a lot of people out there who are running a small business that could benefit greatly if they implemented such a website. There is simply no better way to attract new clients and boost your business than by creating a web page that is going to represent what your brand is all about. Taking this step into the digital domain of marketing simply transforms your business prospects and grants you access to things you didn’t even know where possible. Every business can become instantly scalable if it implements such an online platform, however it is important to first learn what makes a good website. Here is everything you need to know in order to create a perfect website for your small business. 


Build a page from the ground-up

Many people immediately seek to build a static page with some text on it and call it their official business website. This is perhaps suitable in certain scenarios such as providing basic information, but for professional purposes this is quite insufficient. Modern web browsers such as Google actually run on a powerful engine called V8. This allows people to build complex features and even full web applications to run in the browser using JavaScript. A professional business has a lot of demands for features such as a webshop, integrating security, live chat, reporting and analytics, data storage as well as being fully scalable and responsive on all device formats. That is why professional web application development is the go-to step if you want to run a successful business website. The sheer number of many amazing possibilities will simply transform the capabilities of your business, and allow you to be fully functional. 


Come up with a name

One of the key aspects when making that first step towards creating a perfect website is coming up with a really good name. What a good name entails is actually a list of things to consider, since not just any name will do it. Firstly, consider how people have to spell your name. If it is easy to misspell you are risking the chance that a good chunk of people won’t even be able to reach your page in the first place. Most people think that being unique is key, and although this is true up to a point, it can also hurt your site’s performance. This means that your domain should not use any made-up names, or use any slang or abstract words. Keeping the name short also helps. Secondly, try to get a proper domain extension. Ideally, you should go with a .com instead of .net Lastly, try to leave some space for future growth. If your website has a name that is too specialized such as, you might limit any future potential of selling other sports equipment as well. 


Convey what you do

Your page should both look and function well, but it should also have informative content. This is why creating an “about us” page is extremely valuable for representing your business. Apart from this, you should also include your logo and a homepage banner, featuring key features of your website. 


Leverage SEO

From a technical side, your website is going to have to follow a set of search engine optimization (SEO) principles which allow it to rank in the best possible way among other results on the search engine results page (SERP). These principles revolve around the use of powerful keywords which rank well for a given niche. Apart from that, your page should also be coded extremely well so that it can load fast. In addition, security is also a really important factor as it directly affects your ranking. This is because Google penalizes pages which are not certified. 


Check your analytics

Analytics will help you run your page in the long run. That is why it is going to be important to carefully monitor your stats using Google Analytics. Now you will know, how your website is doing based on the number of views, bounce rate and average time spent on the page.

There is nothing quite like building a website for your business. It incorporates several important aspects such as: hiring professionals to do the job, coming up with a name, telling people clearly what you do, leveraging SEO, and following your analytics. These things allow you to offer your services and products like never before, with full customer interaction and support. You will be able to reach bigger audiences and add amazing scalability to your business.  



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff