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The Mobile Games Promoting Marvel

Some of the biggest news in gaming this summer was that Marvel’s new mandate is to make “epic” games for console systems. At the time this news was revealed, there was already word of a new, high-end Spider-Man title. But…


One World One Anthem

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if the world came together and stopped thinking about our differences and just started embracing them, and maybe even learning from them. What if we could live in a world that had one anthem,…

The five things every music journalist needs

*photo by Zachary Staines I’ve been doing the music writer/photographer thing for just over seven years now, and over that period of time I’ve learned a thing or two about what tools it takes to create great content about live music….

Vizio Smartcast collection comes to Canada

It goes without saying that the majority of us spend a fair bit of time watching TV. From our favorite program to a great movie, intriguing documentaries, and so much more, we watch Tv to stay informed, have a great laugh, or a…