Canadian Women in the Food Industry are being recognized with New Award

In the Canadian food sector, women-owned businesses have decreased, dropping from 7.5% of women-owned restaurants and enterprises in 2018 to only 7% by 2020. This trend deprives Canada’s culinary landscape of diverse perspectives and hinders the advancement of gender equality in one of the most influential sectors of our society.

As a part of its commitment to increasing representation of women in leadership positions, Canada’s homegrown food delivery platform, SkipTheDishes, is honouring trailblazing women in the Canadian food industry by teaming up with WXN to introduce a new award category as part of their esteemed Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100™ Awards.

WXN (Women’s Executive Network) is a one-of-a-kind community shaping the future of leadership across North America. We bring together thousands of bold women, allies, and corporate members in a rich and diverse ecosystem of professional development, networking, thought leadership, belonging, and celebration that propels professional women to rise and lead, and we have now teamed up with SkipTheDishes to honour women in food.

Named appropriately as the SkipTheDishes Food Industry Award, this innovative award was created to shine a spotlight on incredible female leaders who can serve as role models to inspire positive change, including chefs, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs. Through this award, Skip aims to honour these individuals’ accomplishments, leadership, influence and impact, and roles as changemakers in the Canadian food landscape while also increasing opportunities for other women in leadership to follow in their footsteps.

Eligible nominees will be judged based on their overall career accomplishments and in-field excellence, along with their personal achievements, strategic vision and leadership, positive impact, and how they act as role models to other women in the food industry and beyond.

Nominees are judged on the following criteria:

  • Career Accomplishments
    How has the Nominee demonstrated excellence within their field? What professional achievements is the Nominee most proud of?
  • Vision and Leadership
    How has the Nominee demonstrated strategic vision and leadership in her role and throughout her career?
  • Influence and Impact
    How has the Nominee demonstrated her commitment to having a positive impact in her community and within the industry?
  • Changemaker
    How is the Nominee acting as a role model for women in leadership roles in the food industry and beyond? How is the Nominee challenging the status quo?


Nominations are open from now until May 14th, 2023, and can range from all active members in the food industry, such as chefs, restaurant owners, franchisees, food retailers, food entrepreneurs, or small business owners/entrepreneurs.

Applications can be found HERE.

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