Business Skills That Will Help You Get That Promotion

According to a study done by ADP Research Institute, “On average, employers will promote 8.9 percent of their employees annually, and those employees will receive an average wage increase of 17.4 percent.”

If these numbers look small, they are. Which is why it’s so crucial for you to do anything you can to stand out from your coworkers who are also hoping for a chance to level up their careers with a promotion.

One of the best ways to advance your career and land that promotion is to focus on growing your skillset. Both hard and soft skills are critical to develop if you’re serious about moving up in your company. Let’s explore 11 business skills that will help you get that promotion.


Business Analytics

Business analytics are incredibly important to the success of any company. You can collect, process, and analyze business data with tools and leverage insights from them to make better business decisions.

Upper management will be looking for candidates with extensive experience with business analytics. If you can become adept in business analytics methods, the data collection process, and extracting valuable information from that data, you’ll be much more beneficial to your company.


Public Speaking

Public speaking is another business skill that will help you get that promotion.

You must make a good first impression whether you’re speaking to a large group at a company event or in a private meeting with your team. When you prioritize developing your public speaking skills, you can show upper management that you’re capable of presenting with poise and professionalism.

You can also show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile, dressing more professionally, using appropriate mannerisms, and being authentic to display the confidence necessary to make every time you speak an exceptional experience.



Creativity is enormous when seeking a promotion. Although technical skills are much appreciated in employees, managers love workers who aren’t afraid to think and do outside-of-the-box. In other words, they crave creativity.

When you’re creative, you can use your imagination effectively and come up with original ideas and solutions to various business challenges. You can also use your creativity to collaborate and communicate constructively with all teams and their members, making it even more attractive to managers looking to fill a promotional role.



You must be able to work within a team productively if you want to land a promotion. You aren’t a freelancer or small business owner where working alone is typical. Instead, you’ll be in a workplace where working with others is expected and required.

To be promoted, your teamwork skills must be on point. That means growing the way you communicate with others, how you develop personal relationships, give and receive feedback, and how you keep individual members motivated and performing well.


Team Management

In addition to working with your team, you must manage members of that team with ease. When you’re promoted, it will likely come with the responsibility of overseeing a specific group or, at the very least, giving guidance to employees whenever necessary.

So, you must level up how you ensure your team members are working together to get projects done. You’ll also want to focus on establishing genuine bonds within your team and amongst team members so that everyone remains enthusiastic and engaged in their work.


Project Management

Project management is another business skill that will help you land your dream promotion. When you’re promoted to a higher position, you’ll likely be in charge of seeing various projects come to life in your department.

Working on your project management skills shows upper management that you’re equipped with specific knowledge, techniques, and experience necessary for seeing any project to fruition. It also shows them that you can effectively delegate tasks based on each team member’s specialized knowledge and skillset.


Tech Savvy

It isn’t enough to know how to navigate a computer and use the internet. You must be tech-savvy overall if you want the best chance at that promotion.

You must be proficient in modern technology, including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and other handheld tech devices. You should also be adept in popular software like Google, Microsoft, and Adobe products, as well as various apps. Furthermore, you should know your way around general office equipment, like printers, copy machines, scanners, and telephone systems.


Work Ethic

Your work ethic should be incredible if you want a promotion. Work ethic refers to the dedication you have to your job and determination to perform at your highest at all times. Those with a solid work ethic value hard work, persistence, and discipline in all they do.

Upper management is more likely to consider you a top candidate if you have a strong work ethic that’s backed by exceptional results you’ve generated for your company.



Knowing your way around finances can better your chances of getting your preferred promotion. Upper management will appreciate that you know how to examine financial resources and make informed decisions about allocating those resources effectively.

They’ll also appreciate basic financial skills like budgeting, bookkeeping, and investing.



When you pursue a promotion, self-motivation is desirable. It shows leadership that you don’t need a pat on the back to do your best work. You’ve set standards for yourself and are accountable to them no matter who is or isn’t watching.

When you’re self-motivated, upper management doesn’t have to look over your shoulder or wonder whether you’re doing your best. Instead, they can breathe a sigh of relief because they can trust you to not only get your job done but help others do theirs.



You don’t have to be the best marketer out there, but some general knowledge and skill will get you far with upper management.

You can make quality suggestions for how to improve promotional activities and customer relationships. You’ll also showcase your ability to work with departments across the organization to ensure customers receive a cohesive, engaging brand experience at every touchpoint.


Conclusion: Ideas for Developing These Business Skills and Others

Developing the business skills above will make your chances of getting that promotion that much better. But the best approach to choosing which business skills to develop when looking to transition into a new career by way of a promotion or otherwise is to first assess your strengths and weaknesses.

What sought-after skills have you already learned?  Which skills could you improve to impress upper management? Choose a few skills from each list to ensure you’re growing your current skills and expanding your skillset with new talents.

Then, you can develop your chosen business skills by going the traditional education route and earning a degree in something that requires mastery of these skills. Certification courses, online classes, and night school are all viable options for growing these skills as well.

You can also go the self-education route. Use the internet to research on your own time how to build these skills best. You can enroll in free classes and online workshops. And don’t forget about the value of networking and learning from your peers.


Whichever business skills you decide to develop, be consistent, dedicated, and open-minded about the journey, and confident in your ability to change your life for the better by landing that promotion.



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