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Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Australian Spots Definitely Worth Visiting in 2022

As the pandemic scare is leveling down, the global thirst for traveling is growing more and more. Countries are finally welcoming all visitors and offering tourists a wide variety of places to see. In 2022, people will definitely travel much…

mobile game

Tips For Launching a Mobile Game

With so many fans of mobile gaming across the world, it’s no surprise that this industry is getting bigger and bigger every single day. The number of users is getting bigger, the quality of the games is getting higher, and…


5 Digital Transformation Strategy Tips All Companies Should Implement

It’s often said that most digital transformations fail, which can come as quite discouraging news to many companies, forcing them to opt-out of a transformation altogether. However, it’s much more likely that these efforts are merely stuck in the same…

small business

Tech Ideas that Will Help Your Small Business the Most

Running a small business is an interesting yet responsible thing to do, and it’s one of those positions where you have to stay alert at all times. Being in charge means knowing exactly what’s going on in every segment of…

shoe care

4 Shoe Care Tips for Longer Lasting Shoes

Everyone has two sections of their closet: fast fashion pieces and investment pieces. Investment pieces are those special, timeless pieces that you are going to wear again and again for years to come, and they’re of good quality so that…