Planning a Crazy and Unforgettable Bachelor Party

So, you’ve been assigned the role of the bachelor party organizer. Even though not many guys are thrilled with event planning, it’s still a great honor. However, just become you have heart, it doesn’t mean you can wing an entire bachelor party! To help you with your tasks, here’s how you can throw the best bachelor party: 


The where

When planning a getaway, make sure to keep in mind your group’s lifestyle. Are you into relaxed beach days full of cold beers and Frisbee in the sun? Or are you more in the mood to shut down the bars? Choose a city/place that fits your preferences the best. If you want to head outdoors, don’t choose an area with a lively city scene. This way, you’ll waste half of your bachelor party traveling because the location doesn’t fit your plans.


The when

Please, don’t do bachelor parties a day before the wedding. Typically, organizing these one to three months before the wedding is an optimal time. The “when” greatly depends on the activities you have planned. Grab schedules of all the most important guests and look into weather reports and vacancies. 

Some groomsmen might still be in college or have tight schedules, so keep that in mind. Here’s another good tip: stay away from holiday weekends. Most people already have something planned for major holidays, so don’t ruin everyone’s plans. Also, this is when hotels and airlines boost their prices, so it’s a lose-lose situation.


The who

Once you have your destination and date in place, it’s time for the guest list. This is often an overlooked item, but a very important one. First, make sure to invite all the groom’s closest friends and trusted people. Second, you can also consider inviting the fathers, especially if you have a local bachelor party, but make it clear that they are only invited to dinner and a few drinks, so the party can relax and let go in the evening.


A few luxuries

A bachelor party should be exclusive unless the groom and his buddies are into survival camping. Treat yourselves to one or two lux treats that will make your gathering stand out from the parties you threw in the past. Start by calling a limousine service and booking a stretch to pick you up at the airport. This will mark the beginning of your trip and set the tone for the rest of it. Also, being chauffeured to the bar will make you feel like kings, so book that too! You can also have an exclusive event of tasting whisky or enjoying an afternoon at a golf club or spa.


Interesting activities

Depending on the groom’s lifestyle, you need to organize a few activities. A busy older businessman might prefer lounging at the beach with buddies and chatting at a bar later in the evening. The younger crowd might want to engage in something more extreme. Luckily, all party destinations offer a great variety of extreme sports, guy’s activities (shooting, golfing, poker, car racing, etc.) and other things that will get you going. If it’s not a surprise bachelor party, make sure that the groom approves of all the activities you’re planning to book.


Get a little naughty 

For many guys, having a bachelor party is the perfect chance to have one last hooray before marriage. In that case, make sure to organize a crazy night out with plenty of booze and action. Some are okay by inviting exotic dancers and strippers, but that doesn’t have to be included by any means, no matter what Hollywood movies say. Designate one partygoer to stay collected and keep the party acting civil. Make sure to have an exclusive yet hearty dinner before you go out drinking!


The accommodation

No matter if you’re planning a relaxing vacation or a crazy bender, you will still need headquarters where you can recharge and recuperate. You have so many accommodation options at your disposal, from Airbnbs and lake houses to hotels and penthouses. If you’re focusing on clubs and downtown restaurants, booking a hotel is the best option since most are located in city centers so your transportation will be fast and easy.


With some careful planning, you can organize a fantastic bachelor party, even if this is your first time tackling such a responsibility. Keep these tips in mind and you will make your buddy the happiest man on Earth even before he marries the love of his life.


Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff