5 Ways to Show Love to Your Pet

No one in the world loves you as much as your pet does. If you have a pet, this might not come out as a surprise because pets know how to show their love, especially dogs and cats. But how do you show your love to them? Do you take them regularly out for walks, do you play with them around all day, or do you buy them pretty presents that they play with? Bear in mind that caring for your pet’s well-being and showing your love is not the same thing, so let’s quickly take a look at some of the ways you can make them a bit happier and cherished. Come on; they deserve it!


Use your body language

Our pets don’t really understand what we say, but they can surely understand body talk. Because of that, you should always communicate with your dog using body language. One way to show them your love is by rubbing their ears – this is something that dogs, for instance, love tremendously. Instead of petting them on the top of their head or their body, try gently rubbing them behind their ears, and you will see how much they like it. Leaning on your dog is also yet another way to show them how much they care for you. If you think about it, they are constantly trying to be pressed against you, so make the first step every once in a while.


Put them on your wall

Don’t worry; we’re not literal! Since your pet is yet another member of your family, it would be perfectly natural to have a photo of them somewhere around the house. But you can take this even further and allocate a special wall for your beloved pet. Getting one of the custom pet portraits is an incredible idea – very original and at the same time quite thoughtful. This might not show your pet how much you love them (unless they know how to recognize themselves), but it will show anyone who enters your house. Not to mention that these portraits are hilarious and super cute, and there is no reason why all of us shouldn’t get one for ourselves. Come on, a dressed-up pet on your wall? Shut up and take our money!


Don’t forget about games

All of us have responsibilities that take a lot of our time. All of us also want to have that one hour of rest when we get from work, which can affect playtime with our pets. But there is nothing they love more than spending their time with us playing, so make sure that you do this more often. This is not only an activity that will show your pet how much you love them; it also has plenty of mental and physical benefits for both of you.


What do they want to do?

If you are an owner of a dog or a cat, pay close attention to the activities they enjoy. If they don’t like being around other animals or don’t like walking at a certain period of the day, don’t try to force it. Instead, see what activities they like and give them the option of doing that more often. If your dog, for instance, likes digging pits, make him a sandpit in the backyard. If they love going outside several times a day, make that exception a couple of times a week and take them for a walk.


Pamper them 

Finally, we all know why we have pets – we love to pamper them as what they give us in return is priceless. Give them healthy food, go crazy with the snacks, learn their language and speak doggo to them – you will see how much it means to them.


To sum up, we all wish that people were more like pets – loving, cute and always happy. They deserve being love, and they deserve to know that they are loved, so do whatever you can to make your pet happier today. Give yourself that task every day; it will make you feel better too.


Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff