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I've always loved to write, but I'd never want to be famous. So, I write as Jessica A. over here at ADDICTED. You can think of my like Carmen Sandiego, you trust me, but where in the world am I?

Automotive Innovation: Disruptive and Transformative

The personal automobile is an indelible part of Canadian history, but technology is threatening its importance. According to the national statistics service, car purchases are down 20% over the last ten years and that’s part of a wider trend. The fact is,…


How to Get Active When You’re On the Go

Dream of the days when you can hit the beach without worrying about hiding those wobbly bits? Wish you were one of those guys or gals who seemed to effortlessly sweat their way through a fitness class? Don’t we all….

Top Tips for Planning a Big Event

From organising a charity fundraiser to picking the perfect venue for your wedding, a lot goes into planning a big event. So, to help make sure it goes without a hitch, here are some top tips as to what you’ll…

Addicted to Love? When Is The Right Time To Settle Down?

When is the right time to settle down? Of course, it’s different from person to person. One couple might find it completely necessary to settle down in their mid 20’s the moment they find they have a child on the…

The Complete Guide To Looking After Curly Hair

If you’ve got curly hair you probably get people telling you that they’re so jealous of your amazing curls and they wish they had them instead of straight flat hair. You’re thinking, you wouldn’t say that if you had to…