Alexander 23 at Velvet Underground in Toronto

Chicago singer-songwriter Alexander 23 took the stage at the Velvet Underground in Toronto on November 23, 2021, as part of his most recent tour, aptly titled Oh No, Not A Tour!. His latest EP, Oh No, Not Again! was released in February 2021 and contains a handful of tracks that helped me (and I’m sure many others) get through the combination of winter/pandemic blues we were collectively experiencing coming out of 2020.

Needless to say, I arrived at the venue ready for a cathartic experience and, quite frankly, ready to cry. But, what immediately struck me about his live show is the light-heartedness and energy that was put behind all the tracks. Alexander 23 certainly has some bops, but his EP is something I put on when I need to get into my feelings. Walking into what, overall, felt like a dance party with friends was a pleasant and welcoming surprise.

Alexander 23 put a lively spin on the typically mellow Cry Over Boys and had everyone dancing with more groovy tracks like Girl, as well as a cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. The show ended with a two-song encore featuring IDK You Yet, an introspective track about searching for your soulmate, and the energetic track Dirty AF1’s chronicling the hardships of a long-distance relationship.

Missed out on the show? Check out our photo gallery of all the action below!




Cassandra Popescu

Cassandra Popescu

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Cassandra Popescu