After Two Years Of Losses, Nissan Is Ready To Provide The Market With New Models

The past two years have seen Japanese auto giant Nissan take huge hits to its profitability. According to the Asian times, the auto manufacturer lost $17 billion of its total value following a series of scandals involving board members. This coincided with a lower rate of auto purchase which is only now being reversed. Nissan has always provided the market with a range of affordable and trendy cars, and with their latest round of innovation, they’re making a serious case for auto buyers to return their faith.

Flexible brilliance

Nissan cars are well-renowned for their versatility. Standout models such as the Infiniti G35 started out as a luxury alternative to sports models like the Z-series, and have evolved into something altogether more. Suitable both for luxury cruising and day-to-day use, the fine handling of the Infiniti G35 saw its rise as a tuner and drift racer. The heyday of the Infiniti G-series was in the early 00s, and in 2014 the plate was halted entirely in favour of the Q-series from 2015. The Q60, its successor, hasn’t been as popular; however, Green Car Reports recently reported that the next generation of Q-series cars, or Infiniti, would be entirely electric and reclaim the powerful performance of previous cars. This makes it suitable for the sustainably-minded new generation while retaining that sense of cool.

The move to electric

Indeed, that shift to electric is the most important facet of Nissan’s auto sale strategy. According to the Hindustan Times, Nissan will ensure that 40% of their car sales are electric in the USA by 2040. With that will come a far greater availability of their newest generation cars, and something to appeal to the consumer market. This includes classic cars; according to Auto123, Nissan is making an active effort to try and bring some of their vintage models into the modern-day, starting with the Silvia. The Silvia was a niche 1965-1975 muscle car; its new design brings in almost Atomic-esque designs with the power of the original car – but sustainable.

Classic cars welcomed in

The focus on classic cars still being relevant is something that Nissan have been keen to secure despite their charge forward into the EV market. Nissan has a long line of unique and widely loved cars that enthusiasts enjoy as well as the wider market, both for their quality of design and the engineering within. The Infiniti G35, Z-series, Silvia and Skylines are all vintage designs that dominated at least part of every decade from the 60s onwards. Getting over the malaise of internal troubles and getting back to what they do best – making solid, affordable cars – is benefiting Nissan.

For auto lovers looking to pick up their next ride, this offers a great opportunity for purchases over the next few years. Nissan is providing good quality autos without compromising style – and, as always, value is right at the top of the agenda.

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