A guide to virtual home viewings

In a post-COVID world, the popularity of virtual home viewings has risen considerably. And with so many new buyers embracing this faster and more convenient digital real estate experience, it’s important that you’re getting the most out of your online appointments.

If you can log on and look around with the right frame of mind, you’ll soon find yourself discovering everything you need to know about a potential new house, and all from the comfort of your own electrical devices!


It’s important to still ask questions

While there may be several differences between an online and in-person viewing, having a virtual viewing may help you get much more information about the place during the tour of the house. You may even be able to ask the owner why they’re choosing to sell up and get an insight into the surrounding amenities and transport links.

Questions like this are expected, and it’s an essential part of making sure you’re on the right path. Search terms like “Is Compass Realty in trouble” have been commonly searched online, and they’re one of the most popular Real Estate Brokers in the entire country! Ask as many questions as possible and make sure you’re satisfied with the answers you’re given.


Make full use of the floorplans

Sometimes the size and scope of the rooms in a potential home can be lost across the internet during a digital viewing. After all, there’s only so much we can feel out from seeing something online.

But with the listing, there should be some handy details about the floorplans and other dimensions for each part of the house. If you’re able to gauge these measurements and keep them in mind over the course of the viewing, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what this place can offer you in terms of space.


Don’t let anyone rush you

No one should feel rushed, whether in person or over the internet. The bottom line is that you’re considering parting with a large sum of money here, and it’s only sensible that you want to have the right amount of time to view the place itself.

Take the time to really inspect the home. By not being in the house physically, you may not get the same gut feeling that comes with a personal viewing. Therefore, it’s important to closely examine how each room is staged. And if you need a second viewing, don’t be afraid to ask for one before you make a decision.


Be wary of dud viewings

It’s always deflating to book in a virtual viewing that’s poorly lit and doesn’t provide you with the immersive online experience you hoped for. However, this can sometimes be a huge learning curve and help you to make better choices for future virtual tours.

If the home clearly hasn’t been cleaned and set out as if this was a physical viewing, there’s a distinct lack of effort that speaks volumes about the agent and owner of the house.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow