8 Ways to Shoot a Better Travel Video

Many people love to travel, but not everyone comes to create incredible videos about their experience of visiting the country. It is worth noting that viewers enjoy watching travel movies, especially if you can talk about the pros and cons of the area and tell about the places that are worth visiting. Suppose you love exotic countries and want to shoot interesting videos for yourself and a broad audience. In that case, you should read this article and learn how to take amazing travel photos and make them successful!

Every day we watch a huge number of videos on the Internet that may be meaningless and do not carry any semantic load, but from this day on, you can become helpful to the audience and shoot exciting videos about your travels, which the audience will be happy to watch to the end. If you are wondering how you can improve your film, read this article to the end and study the advice of experienced professionals.

In case you decide to shoot a travel video but don’t know how to do it right, you can check out the top 8 tips from the experts below:


Come Up With a Plan

First, you need to decide on what topic to shoot a video and create a suitable action plan. For this, it is essential not only to think about what you would like to show in the film but also frame by frame the events that will be inherent in the frame. Think carefully about the message you conveyed before the transition to the video shooting process. In this way, you show your determination and how responsible you are in creating your masterpiece.


Choose a Good Camera

Even as beginner vloggers, you need to remember that quality equipment plays a vital role in ensuring a successful video. To shoot breathtaking video, you need to purchase an SLR camera or a portable camera that can capture the best possible quality footage. If you are shooting underwater, you can use a GoPro or an action camera.


Use a Tripod 

A tripod helps make your shots more stable. Remember that making a quality video requires a lot of skill, so it is desirable to create an incredible video that requires attention to appearance, be sure to try to make your camera steady.


Pay Attention to Lighting

People who are just starting to shoot travel videos note that it is necessary to pay attention to lighting because if there is not enough light in the frame, even the most beautiful picture can be ruined. Try to shoot videos in places where a large amount of sunlight is measured.


Change Angles

When creating a travel video, you can experiment and try to shoot from different angles. You can use oblique shooting or even capture the same object from the other side so the audience can see it correctly.


Make Pictures Informative

It is not necessary to shoot fantastic videos. The film must contain some not-very interesting and important information that will be useful for television. Try to think in advance about what you will transfer to your video and only then proceed to the shooting process.


Edit Videos

Use quality video editing software to perfect your footage. You can take advantage of the high profits to do colour grading, sound grading, and more.


Insert Music and Subtitles

Another very successful travel video is the addition of a melody and subtitles. It is important to remember that the music should fully reflect the mood of the video and, in no case, be too rhythmic so as not to pay special attention to what is happening on the screen.

Do not forget that after all the frames are shot, you need to finalize the video and pay attention to editing. You can use the OpenShot software to edit your travel videos for the most immersive experience successfully.


Travel videos are the most attractive to the audience, so when you decide to shoot such videos, try to pay due attention to all the nuances and achieve maximum success. You can use the above tips on how to make your video incredible, and you will surely get attention from the viewers!



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!