8 Easy Bathroom Upgrades for a Fresh Look and Modern Vibes

When we talk about interior design, we don’t just want it to be functional. We also need it to look beautiful, modern, and elevated. The easiest way to accomplish having a modern bathroom is to add the right elements. These additions will revamp the current design and create a space for rejuvenation and relaxation. Let’s see how you can create a fresh design that is never boring.


Take everything out

Before you even consider getting new elements for the bathroom, take everything out. Take a few pictures of an empty space before you return everything. Then, use an editor like Canva to test easy ways to give your bathroom a fresh look. Paste images onto pictures to see how a new shower curtain or matte fixtures would fit in.


Add an accent wall

If you think accent walls are only used for living rooms, we’ll give you a different idea. You can create an accent wall using tiles or wallpapers. Maybe you can add a touch of boldness by adding an accent wall behind a toilet. It will serve as a focal point, while it also changes the entire bathroom visually. Choose a dark green or  deep blue, as these colors also invoke a sense of peace.


Update storage 

When we talk about the essentials of a functional bathroom, we need to mention storage options. But, this time, try to combine the purpose with a modern design. Floating shelves are both functional and modern as they are used to masimise space. At the same time, they also create a clean and minimalist look. You can also decorate them with scented candles or funny figurines to add a personal touch.


Add something completely new

You probably have something you’ve always wanted to add to a bathroom. Especially if you are also ready to do a bit of remodelling, use this as a chance to add a bidet. If you don’t have enough room for a standalone bidet, you can just turn a toilet into a bidet by adding a bidet attachment. After a few days of use, you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t upgraded your toilet to a smart one before. One simple new addition, like a bidet, will change your daily bathroom routine for the better.


Introduce a smart mirror

If you wish to go further down the lane of adding smart features, upgrade your bathroom with a smart mirror. We already use so many smart features daily, and this one comes with a variety of features, from built-in real-time information like temperature, time, and music to built-in LED lighting and Bluetooth connectivity.


LED lights

LED lights, especially on your vanity area, can be a game-changer for women doing their makeup every day. The problem with using an overhead light when applying makeup is that is casts a shadow over your face. But, when the light is soft and coming from a vanity before you, it won’t cast any shadow. This way, women won’t have any trouble applying their makeup without any errors. Lastly, LED lights are efficient and a touch of modern luxury.


Spa-like bathroom features

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a spa within our home? The easiest way to create a similar experience is by adding spa-like bathroom features like a rainfall shower head. A shower can be a perfect stress-reducing activity when the water slowly and gently cascades down your body. A rainfall showerhead will change your regular brisk showers into a soothing and relaxing experience.


Bathroom warmer

A bathroom warmer is a perfect addition to a rainfall shower head, as you’ll wrap yourself in a warm and soft towel every time. It’s a simple way to indulge yourself after a soothing shower and keep yourself warm and comfortable during colder days. It’s also an easy update that will definitely turn your bathroom into a modern oasis. 

Consider how these ideas can shape your bathroom into a modern one and start planning the new upgrades. From simple decluttering and taking everything out to start from a clean base to adding new elements, every change is an upgrade.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff