7 Fun Things You Should Do On A Trip With Friends

It’s great having a bunch of friends that you can hang out with. After all, life should be about living rather than simply existing. However, sometimes everyday life can get in the way, making it challenging to take time to go away. Therefore, it makes sense to find the most exciting activities you can all get up to when the planets finally align and your schedules sync up. Fortunately for you, this post is here to help if that sounds like you, but you’re struggling to find things to do. So without further ado, it’s time to get to it.


Drift Through The Wilderness On A Kayak

What can be better than escaping the modern world and drifting aimlessly through a lake or river? Where the daily life issues are left far behind you, and all that is in front is beauty and tranquillity? Well, arguably, it could be sharing the experience with your closest friends. While you can kayak on your own or with friends, the enjoyment you will get out of the experience is almost unbeatable.

However, the relative lack of knowledge typically prevents most people from experiencing the actual value of this activity. Consequently, if you or any of your friends are unsure how to do it safely, it is prudent to first get some advice on Kayaking before setting out. You can usually find a lot of information online, but if you are a travelling group, you should consider booking a tour first. The tour operators should have experienced kayakers on hand to run you through the basics and get you started as quickly as possible. Therefore, there is no need to let your inexperience block you from enjoying this truly magnificent experience.

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Get Lost In The Great Outdoors

In a similar vein to the previous point, getting lost with your companions is a great way to leave behind the baggage of modern life. While the heading suggests getting lost, it is not meant in a literal way, but rather to get out your camping gear and take a hike and explore somewhere adventurous and beautiful. Before your trip, you should plan the route and set up regular checkpoints to stop and make camp. In addition, you should inform others of your plan, including where you are going and when you expect to return. Aside from that, you must ensure that you have a decent pair of boots, enough supplies to make it through however many days you’ll be away, and of course, a tent or hammock.

Once you are ready, pile into the car and get going to the start point to begin your adventure. This activity is great because you get fit while spending quality time with friends. You’ll have even more fun once you’ve set up camp and you’re all gathered around the fire for the evening.


Have A Massive BBQ Party

Now that lockdowns and other Covid measures have pretty much ended or are winding down, it is time to break out the BBQ and get grilling! In addition to the obvious (food and drink), you will need to get some tunes on, and so that you don’t annoy the neighbours, you can invite them over as well! You can invite as many or as few people as you want, but ensure that you have plenty of food and drinks to keep the party flowing.

Whatever you do, ensure that you have a designated driver to take everyone home at the end of the night.


Get Out The Tools And Build Something

At first glance, this might seem an odd choice to add to a list of fun things to do with mates. However, it is the perfect chance to get outside, dust off the power tools, and have some practical fun. Although you don’t have to create anything in particular because it’s the journey rather than the destination, it helps to have something in mind. If you are pretty useless with your hands, you might opt for something like a garden bench. On the other hand, if you are pretty handy, you could attempt something more technical. Whatever you choose, it is a great way to spend time with each other while doing something practical.


Go Fishing

The best thing about fishing is that you don’t have to know how to fish to enjoy yourself. However, fishing is the perfect chance to relax and hang out. You can set up your rod on the river bank, then sit back and relax until you see a bot of movement. It might even be fun to combine this activity with the camping one mentioned earlier and try to catch your dinner!


Shoot Your Mates With Paintballing

If your groups of friends tend to play video games with one another online, it could be fun to get out and do it in real life! Ready, aim, fire. It’s time to grab a paintball gun. Paintballing is a gratifying activity that involves creating teams and fighting in a simulated battle like capturing the flag or eliminating, etc. You will have to do some research beforehand to see where the nearest paintball facility is. You can choose to be in the same group if there are only a few of you, or split into separate ones if you are many.


Take A Road Trip

You can combine the last activity on this list with four other activities. For example, you could take a road trip to a place where they rent kayaks. Then jump in your kayak with your camping gear and paddle deep into the forest, where you will begin your hike. Hike to your camping spot and set up a BBQ to grill the fish you have caught, then reverse the journey when you are ready to return home! Or you could take a road trip for the fun of it and see where you end up.


There are loads of opportunities for fun if you use your imagination and are prepared to leave your comfort zone. You can do all of the above activities alone, but you will enjoy the experience more if you make good friends along with you.



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