6 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

As homeowners, we all want to have our own undisturbed place in the world. But to make sure we keep our homes safe, it’s essential to go the extra step to make them more secure.

While many people think that a simple security system will do the job, this isn’t exactly the case. Burglars are becoming more sophisticated, and they’ve known how to bypass the simple security systems we had at home long ago. 

So, we have to step up our game. From installing a smart home security system to finding a way to ensure that each possible entry point to our home is secured, and even all the way to ensure that the landscaping at your house doesn’t provide an accidental hiding spot.

But enough rambling, let’s get straight to the point with the first item on the list.

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Make sure all the doors on your home are secure

Can you believe that, apparently, almost 40% of all burglars just go through the front door?!

It’s incredible how many people don’t bother to lock their front or back door properly. No wonder burglaries happen so often!

A secure door has functioning locks and a sturdy frame that doesn’t budge at the slightest force applied to it. Also, don’t forget to test if you can reach the inside of the door and unlock it through the mail slot.

Keep in mind that it’s always best to change the locks if you’ve lost the keys to your home near your neighbourhood or just moved into a new property. If you’re looking forward to investing in your home’s security, install smart locks—that way, only you and the people that you authorize will be able to unlock the door.


Get the right doorbell

You might think about what a doorbell has to do with security. Well, then, you haven’t been acquainted with the Google Nest Doorbell. It connects to your google home and nest speakers to announce when someone has arrived, but not just that, you can have two-way chats through it, see who is there when you’re away, and keep an eye on your front yard or walkway with the built-in came.

Even better, you can keep a recording in case there are security issues or break-ins you’d like to review.

There are also many alternative choices of doorbell cameras on amazon if you take some time to look.


Install Security Cameras

At my home, we not only installed the battery-powered google doorbell, but I also picked up two battery-powered google security cameras, one placed to keep an eye on the side gate and the other on the backyard.

Honestly, I mainly use it to keep an eye on my dog, but it comes in handy for many more reasons, including in helping to secure your home.


Add lights to your property that are motion-activated 

Time and time again, it has been shown that properties with motion-activated lights tend to be avoided by burglars. And there’s a pretty good reason for that – lights attract attention.

Installing lights that would illuminate your property is a sure way to deter anyone who’s lurking around your property during the later hours.

There are many systems on the market available for you to purchase. We recommend you go with the more durable ones. You might even increase the value of your property by doing that. 


Your garage may look secure, but you should always install the appropriate security systems there too

When you look at your garage door, it appears as a pretty sturdy and reliable door that burglars won’t be able to lift and just walk inside your house.

Our top tip to keep your garage secure is to install garage door locks that allow the door to be opened with a code. Yes, you may have to get out of your car every time you go in and out, but its ultimate goal is to protect your belongings.

Make sure to keep your interior and exterior doors locked. If a burglar makes it inside your garage, you don’t want them to enter your house. Finally, install blinds on any garage windows (if you have any) to keep your possessions out of sight. 


Have you thought of protecting your wifi?

If you have plenty of smart security in your home, it’s vital that you make sure all your wireless internet connections in your home are password protected.

These systems work because they’re synchronized and stay communicating with each other via a wifi connection. So, if you don’t have your wireless internet secured with a password, it’s highly likely a skilled burglar can enter your home by exploiting your smart locks. 


Invest in landscaping that doesn’t allow for hiding spaces.

Finally, you wouldn’t want someone to lurk around your house without you knowing it or being able to see them. The truth is, most of the time, your front and back yards are allowing for hiding spots without you even realizing it.

Schedule a meeting with a professional landscaper and discuss how you can style the greenery on your property in a way that doesn’t create potential hiding spots at your house.


Now, take some time in the coming weeks, make sure you’ve done all you can to secure your home and the things that matter most to you, and, if changes need to happen, then now you have a better idea of how to proceed.



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