6 Facts About Formula One You Might Not Know

The 2022 Formula 1 World Championships started in March and is the 73rd running of the F1 championships. After Max Verstappen’s thrilling victory in 2021 over Lewis Hamilton, this F1 season is drawing fans from all over the globe and it will be fascinating to see who emerges victorious in November – keep pace with all the latest news and developments here. So, what are some interesting facts about F1 that you might not know?


  1. Started in the 50s

The very first F1 race took place in 1946, but it was not until after WWII in 1950 that the first Formula One World Championship took place at Silverstone. It was Giuseppe Farina in an Alfa Romeo that won the championship in front of 120,000 fans, including King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margret, and lord and lady Mountbatten.


  1. Fastest Lap

The fastest ever qualifying lap in F1 was recorded by Britain’s Lewis Hamilton in 2020 at the Italian Grand Prix, which saw him complete the pole lap at an average speed of a blistering 264.363 km/h. The fastest ever race saw Michael Schumacher win the 2003 Italian Grand Prix at an average speed of 247.586 km/h. It is no coincidence that both of these were in Italy as Monza is known to be the quickest track on the circuit and often referred to as the “Cathedral of Speed”.

  1. Pirelli Tyres

One of the most impressive aspects of F1 is the tyre changes, which usually take place in just 2 or 3 seconds with the fastest ever being clocked at just 1.92 seconds. The slowest pit stop, meanwhile, saw the Mercedes team take an agonising 43 hours to dislodge a tyre from Valterri Bottas’ car. Ever since 2010, it has been Pirelli tyres that are the sole supplier of F1 tyres with the contract recently extended through to 2024 and you can buy Pirelli tyres online.


  1. Lifespan of F1 Engines

Did you know that the typical lifespan of an F1 engine is just 7 races? These engines are engineered to the highest possible level for performance, but this means that they often do not last long and will need replacing regularly.


  1. F1 Team

The driver gets all of the attention, but there is a full team behind them that are key to success. This includes the team principal that leads the team, the technical director that oversees development and operations, and both a factory and travelling team. 


  1. The Legacy of the Hills

The Hill name is considered to be lucky in F1 with as many as 3 people winning the World Championships with this name with Graham Hill being the most famous. 


These are a few facts that should impress and give you a greater appreciation for the thrilling Formula 1 World Championships.


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