3 Things The Past Year Taught Us About Our Future

It’s very worthwhile to reflect from time to time and draw adequate lessons from the past. If you can do this, then you’re much more likely to move into the future with a sense of ownership, or at least a sense of being informed. This can help you not only remain more active and interested in the pursuit of the future, but it can give you the means to benefit, feel more accomplished, understand how to crest challenges, and sometimes, stay more realistic.

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Perhaps there has rarely been a year quite as affecting as 2020, at least in recent memory. We need not bore you with the details as to why that is. You know. That said, even the most challenging times can bear fruit, and often the most fruit. In this post, we hope to explore three things the past year has taught us about our future, what that means, and what we hope to learn anew in the future.

Let’s consider:

We Can Never Predict The Future

It’s both unfortunate and fortunate that we cannot predict the future, but nothing has compounded the misfortune of this as much as 2020 has. For this reason, it’s essential to focus on what we can resolve, what we can structure in our life, and how to prioritise better action we know we should take. For example, reading a post on retirement planning for high income earners can help you see that even something that may seem comfortable and assured can be optimised, protected, and maximised. Keeping this in mind can spur you to further action when planning your own life – even if it means practising financial discipline at the moment for long term gain.


Prepare For The Unpredictable

Preparing for the unpredictable is also very important. This might involve making sure that you have contingencies in place to look after and teach your children if schools are closed throughout the new year, or keeping a savings fund for a rainy day – even if that means going without the immediate luxuries you want. Preparing for the unpredictable can sometimes mean exercising self-discipline and understanding that your loved ones might not wish to follow suit (many families have struggled with various intra-perspectives on how to defend against this pandemic) and more. This way, you can be in the best situation when difficulty comes.


Take Nothing For Granted

It’s essential to take absolutely nothing for granted, something that many of us have begun to understand as the year has taken its turn. The act of being grateful not only helps you count the good in your life, but it helps you become more emotionally healthy and less prone to despair when little things go wrong. That can be very important at this emotionally fractious time and is something you can spend five minutes doing each day, for free.


With this advice, we hope you can learn more about the future and how to behave in the present, despite the past’s difficulty.

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