Working Long Hours? Here’s a Guide to Healthier Munchies

Working for a big business has its monetary advantages, but these workers often suffer in other ways. If you, too, work in a large corporation and have a double work week spanning up to 80 hours, then you know precisely what we are talking about. The constant chase to get the next promotion might be fruitful, but you will forget to eat fruits in the process. Business people often forget that a healthy diet is the key to success in life.

Becoming the boss and gaining more than 20 kilograms in the process is not considered an achievement. You are forced to eat munchies, but they do not necessarily have to be unhealthy. You can adopt an eating plan that will do away with all those detrimental fats. The guide we have compiled for you answers this fundamental question: how to eat food that is “fast” and healthy at the same time.


A simple breakfast

Since it’s the first food you’ll put in your mouth that day, breakfast is super important. It is called “the most important meal of the day,” it is the energy driver for the whole morning and midday. That is why it has to have at least 25 grams of protein. However, this does not imply that its preparation should be rocket science. Go simple and, for instance, pour milk over oatmeal mixed with various types of fruit, like bananas, kiwi, or strawberry. Such a meal is both nutritive and tasteful because of fructose. Also, eggs and whole-grain bread can become part of your breakfast routine. For the fastest breakfasts, go for the energy bars or fruit dipped in yogurt.


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Lunchtime should be about taking things slow. Due to the workload in the office, lunch break is not only for food but for relaxing as well. The type of food eaten should follow this mental unwinding. A salad made from fresh vegetables is the best option. Another idea is lentil and vegetable soup with a piece of meat, preferably chicken.


Eating in the office?

Being stuck in the office all day long can have negative impacts on the diet. A diverse diet is something that is not available to us. A quick hot dog with mustard in front of the office building cannot be considered healthy food. What office-ridden employees really need is food delivery. Mind you. We are not talking about pizza or hamburger delivery, but healthy meal delivery. Such services exist, and the only thing you have to do is decide on suitable healthy meal plans. These are very popular among corporations since they save the time and effort for employers while keeping the employees full and satisfied that they have eaten a healthy meal. This meal is their main portion of daily protein intake in many cases.


(A not so) Happy hour

Companies love to throw happy hours for their employees. On the other side, an open bar is something that the employees do not shy from. Still, one has to come prepared, since drinking on an empty stomach can make you crave for unhealthy snacks. That is why it is crucial to show up for a happy hour full. If you haven’t had time to eat before (anyone said food delivery?), you can go for protein-rich snacks such as cheese and bread to lose the hungry feeling early on. If there is no catering, then at least try to wisely choose the kind of alcohol you are going to drink. Red wine is perhaps least detrimental because of the presence of antioxidants in it, while strong spirits should be given a wide berth.


The importance of sleep

Problems such as overeating that results in obesity and the craving for unhealthy snacks can all be traced to one cause: sleep deprivation. Working long and hard means that you do not get enough sleep. Night shifts make the matter worse. This way, the whole metabolism gets thrown out of balance. The organism can no longer regulate its internal clock, and you lose track of even the sense of being hungry. This is why it is important to get at least seven hours of sleep in a single go. Also, this sleep needs to be of good quality. Don’t look at the computer screen or mobile display before going to bed. Don’t turn your bed into a field office since the brain will recognize this area as a place of work, and you will never go to sleep. All sensory stimulation should be annulled before going to bed. A dark, quiet room is exactly what you need.


If you want to advance your career, some things will inevitably have to suffer. Health should not be one of them, so don’t be tempted to supplant proper meals with unhealthy munchies. Next time you have a craving in the office, call a nearby healthy meal delivery service.



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