Which to Choose: Blinds or Shades

You don’t need to spend a fortune on home renovations in order to change the vibe of your interior. Investing in inexpensive window treatments can really change the feel of a room. Blinds and shades create a modern, clean look without breaking the bank. So, let us introduce you to the types of blinds and shades available for your consideration.


Blind Types

Wood Blinds

One of the more aesthetically pleasing variations of blinds is made of wood. They come in any colour from light to dark, polished or painted and are suitable for environments where there is little moisture in the air. Perfect for your home office or den, you should avoid hanging these blinds in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is extremely high and the risk of mould damage is increased. Get wooden blinds with tape here.


Insulating Blinds

These blinds are extremely efficient at conserving energy and filtering or blocking out unwanted light as and when needed. They are a good option to look at if your goal is to reduce your energy bills. A thick blind will block out any draughts, keep the warm air in and create a comfortable environment in your home.


Types of Shades

Woven Wood Shades

These are typically made of bamboo and are great if you want a natural looking window treatment. The natural look will give your room a more airy and fresh feel and look great in indoor gardens.


Tight Weaves Shades

These are often made of a material like a twill or microsuede. The tight weave only lets a little light pass through their gaps and as such, make the other side of the view seem opaque. This offers greater privacy and are great for bedrooms, guest rooms, and even bathrooms where privacy is essential.


Roman Shades

Roman shades form soft, wide pleats that fold over one another when raised by the cord. Due to their elegant look, they work well in more formal settings such as dining rooms and living rooms.


Honeycomb Shades

So called because they have a cellular structure, honeycomb shades are crafted with rows of air pockets which make up the honeycomb appearance. They are designed so that in winter your home stays warmer as the heat is contained within the air pockets and in summer your home is cooler as the blind helps to keep heat out.


Blackout Shades

Blackout shades block out the light. They are perfect for bedrooms and home theatres, or anywhere in the home that you need complete darkness.


Solar Shades

Solar shades differ in that their weaves are made up of sheers. They are used to block out harmful UV rays whilst at the same time still allowing you to enjoy the view on the other side as they are still somewhat translucent. They are perfect for places that require plenty of light such as sunrooms, dining areas and offices.


Features to Look Out For in Your Blinds or Shades

Now that we are familiar with the many different types of blinds and shades available, the next question is then which one is better? We have to say there is no straight answer. It all depends
on five factors.

Light and Privacy

Both blinds and shades offer some control over the amount of light that enters a room. However, blinds will completely shut out lights once the slats are tilted shut. So, if you still fancy some level of light, shades are better, especially those made of sheer.


Your Budget

In this case, both blinds and shades do not have an edge over one another in terms of price because it depends on the material used and the size of the window treatment. The bigger it is, the costlier it will be. The more exquisite the material, the costlier it becomes.



Most blinds and shades use cords and if you happen to have young children at home, the suggestion is to opt for cordless ones. This is to prevent any incident of accidental strangulation.



In this category, blinds triumph over shades because they only require some dusting or vacuuming from time to time to remove the dust gathered on the slats. Shades, on the other hand, require more complicated ways like spot-cleaning.


Your Decorating Style

It is what it is, and it depends on what you envision your room or home to look like at the end of the day and what kind of environment you want it to embody.


In conclusion, both blinds and shades each have their pros and cons, and ultimately depends
on your preferences!

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