Ways You Can Be Eco-friendly on a Personal Level

More and more people are aware of their carbon footprint, and that can only be a good thing. Making changes to your living style is not only good for the planet but good for your mental health. It can make you feel better about the world around you, and it requires you to be creative as well. Here are some ways you can be more eco-friendly around the house.


How to Get the Drive to go Green

Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to go green, which is fine. Seeking out a therapist to help with motivation can benefit you. Sites such as Regain provide online therapy. If you’re going green, this can help you immensely. There is no need to drive, after all.


Eat Less Meat

Want to go green? Eat more greens. Meat has a huge carbon footprint. The C02 from cows and other animals damages the environment quite immensely. Some people can go full vegan, while others will have a harder time. As long as you can reduce the meat you eat, you’re doing good. Just wait it out until lab-grown meat is commercially available, whenever that is.


Use Less Electricity

Not only is using less electricity good for your bills but for the environment too. Turn off your lights and other devices. You can also invest in newer technology that uses less electricity and can turn off automatically when you’re not using it. Use natural lighting more during the day, and less lighting at night.


Invest In Electric Vehicles

While the electric vehicle hasn’t been perfected, getting a nice hybrid or electric vehicle can be a greener solution. Obviously, not everyone can afford that, but there are small steps you can take. For example, if you have a gas-powered lawn mower, replace it with an electric one.


Grow Your Own Food

Having your own garden can be a rewarding hobby, and also a way to sustainability. You don’t need a huge house with a field, either. You can be able to grow indoors if you know what you’re doing. With that said, if you can’t do that, try local resources and farmer’s markets.


Whenever You Can, Don’t Use Your Car

If you have a gas car, don’t use it as much and try to walk or bike. Obviously, you can’t walk to another state, but if you are making a very short trip, consider other options.


Recycle and Reuse

Recycling is a great way for you to help with the environment, and so is reusing your garbage. Old cans can be turned into art. Jars can be good for storage. Reusing is also good for the mind because it requires lots of creativity. Being creative can help you immensely, and by thinking outside the box when it comes to being green, you can help yourself.


Try Greener Medicine

Now, there are some things that alternative medicine can’t cure, but instead of buying prescriptions for your pain, why not try some locally sourced CBD? The environment can create some good medicine and help you heal, all while reducing your footprint.


Spread Green Values

We are not perfect with our greenness. However, by setting an example and spreading your green values to others, it can help everyone grow. If you have children, setting a  green example can be a good thing. You can teach your kids how to be green in many ways. For more information on how you can do so, you can click here or look here.


These are just a few tips for you to get started. The rest is up to you. Make the planet better.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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