Top Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Dog

Owning a pet is like raising a child. You’re responsible for the health and growth of another living being, which brings plenty of duties, including feeding, grooming, training and many others. If you’re considering getting a dog and don’t know what it entails, we have a few tips on becoming a good dog parent and making your pup the happiest one alive.


Keep the dog hydrated

First and foremost, your dog needs its water tray filled all the time. That is especially important if you leave it alone for a few hours while you’re working. The last thing you want is a dehydrated pup, so always remember to fill its water tray with fresh water. During warm summer months, keep the water away from the sun to prevent it from evaporating. If you take the dog to your morning runs, bring a water bottle for both of you.


Take the pup to the vet regularly

Do you go to regular check-ups with your physician? If you get a dog, your four-legged friend will require the same treatment. Sometimes the dog won’t whine, bark or act any differently, and it might suffer from an underlying condition. Don’t wait for the pup to become violent or melancholic, but take it to the veterinarian regularly. Prevention is essential, so offer your dog the best treatment it deserves.


Train your pet

Training the dog will benefit its mental and emotional health. The doggo will know who is in charge, as well as who to go to for food and entertainment. Teaching the dog who is a friend and who might be a threat will allow you to have a very affordable yet effective security system. First, start with simple obedience lessons and make sure you use positive reinforcement. Every time the dog does well, offer healthy dog treats to the pup to promote good behaviour. Dental sticks are some of the best dog treats that improve dental health and keep the dog entertained for a while.

Wondering what treats and food are right for your dog, wondering about different breeds and their pros and cons or wondering how big does a teacup puppy get? Whatever questions you have, don’t be afraid to ask a vet or expert.

Keep the doggo groomed

Grooming is another essential part of good dog care. Regular brushing and cleaning are imperative for the dog to be healthy. Dogs who spend plenty of time outdoors in the yard or run around the park are at a much higher risk of ticks and other pests. Inspect the dog every time you bring it inside to make sure they’re out of harm’s way. One of the best ways to focus on your dog’s health is to be attentive to its fur and react quickly if you notice any changes. The second you spot any changes, or excessive shedding, consult the vet.


Make sure the doggo is active

How often do you take the dog out for a walk? Do you spend enough time in the yard playing fetch or running around? The dog deserves and needs physical activity just like humans to be vigorous and live a long, happy life. If you’re too busy to take the dog out regularly, hire a dog walker who will offer the dog all the attention and activity it needs.


Put safety first

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe is to microchip it. You never know if your dog will decide to chase a squirrel, get out of your sight and suddenly wanders away. To prevent losing the dog for good, have it microchipped with a unique code that will ensure it’s found quickly and returned safely to you. Microchips are also required in many countries around the world, so ensure you can bring the pooch with you on your vacation.


Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about buying a dog, you need to know it requires a lot of effort and responsibility. You’ll quickly consider it a part of the family, and you’ll need to dedicate a certain amount of time to the doggo if you want it to feel happy and loved. Follow the tips listed above to make your furry friend the happiest and most cared-for doggo alive.


Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff