Top Dating Tips for Seniors

Once you’ve been married for the majority of your life, dating may seem like unfamiliar territory. However, meeting new people in your senior years doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether your spouse has passed away or you decided it’s time to look for happiness with different people, going back into the dating world after several decades will take some practice, but it won’t be as frightening as you may expect. To make the transition smoother and find your perfect match easier, check out the following tips for dating as a senior.


Book a senior cruise trip to meet new people

If seniors have time to do anything, they have time for travelling. Seniors’ cruises are widely popular among retirees because the trip allows them to mingle and meet new people, while sailing the world. For your next trip, book a seniors’ cruise for yourself and your friend(s). It’s always better to travel with someone, in case the trip turns out to be less exciting than expected. In the majority of cases, seniors tend to make new friends and even fall in love on some of those cruises, so try your luck.


Focus on the present rather than the past


When you decide it’s time to date new people, you’ll need to prepare for the conversations. Many people will tell you that you need to be yourself and act natural. However, if you’ve recently lost your spouse, the urge to talk about them could be too great to make either of the two of you comfortable on a date. The last thing you need is to talk about your late partner to a potentially new love interest in your life. Don’t compare your ex-spouse to your date because the last thing a person needs to hear is that they have the same eyes as your ex or that they remind you a lot of your late partner. Stick to the present and focus on your interests, hobbies, and characteristics. Talk about yourself and ask about your date’s life, as if you’ve never dated before.


Connect online

Do you feel more comfortable meeting people online? Contrary to popular belief, you can find numerous dating apps and sites for senior dating. Technology isn’t only for the Millennials and Gen Z. Even seniors will easily find their way around the world wide web when they feel the desire to meet new people. So, feel free to browse through a companionship dating website for mature adults with a database of available seniors ready to mingle and make their golden years the best ones yet.


Start a new hobby

Seniors have all the time in the world on their hands, allowing them to engage in a full spectrum of activities. One of the best ways to kill time and meet new people that you will potentially date is to start a new hobby. Enrol in a pottery class or yoga for seniors. Explore your painting skills or go hiking every weekend with groups from your neighbourhood. Possibilities are endless, so find your cup of tea and look for the next perfect match to make your senior years worthwhile.


Don’t date unless you’re ready

If you’ve been alone for a while and you think dating will be a good idea, you need to think if you want to start dating for the right reasons. Consider finding a new partner only if you’ve completely gotten over the previous one. Rebound relationships always cause more harm than good, so think well about whether you’re ready to meet a new person you want to be in a committed relationship with. Don’t risk hurting someone because you felt like you needed a change when all you needed was more time to recover.


Final thoughts

Dating is never easy. Whether you’re in your 20s or 60s, meeting new people is both thrilling and intimidating. However, it’s also essential for your social life to stay connected. Therefore, join dating apps, start new hobbies or go on a seniors’ trip to meet other seniors and potentially fall in love again.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff