Top 2021 Video Marketing Tips

One of the fastest developing types of marketing nowadays, videos seem to be transforming the face of digital advertising as we know it. In addition to helping you promote your brand image, videos in 2021 need to fulfill your viewers’ needs in more ways than one. They need to be engaging, fun, and informative, as well as custom-tailored to your audience’s preferences. So, how can you create videos that meet the ever-increasing customer criteria in 2021? Here are a few tips which will help you dial up your company’s video marketing strategy this year.


Set goals based on audience needs

To create compelling videos in 2021, you need to understand what your target audience needs and wants to learn more about. To achieve this, you have to do your homework in terms of research before you venture to create your video marketing masterpiece. Some of the questions to ask yourself are related to the type of content that resonates with your existing and potential customers, as well as their favorite media channels and your own objectives in terms of engagement, traffic, and brand awareness and identity. Research done with due care in advance will allow you to optimally set the voice and message and successfully prompt your viewers to take the action you want them to upon watching the video.


Nail the video message like a pro

Another important aspect of video production, branding has to be executed professionally so that your company would be easily relatable to the type of content you are creating. Studies have shown that consistent branding is far more effective as regards long-term results, which is why the voice and tone of your videos need to be streamlined in line with your marketing strategy. If your audience is constantly shell-shocked with videos that do not have the unifying voice or message, it is more highly likely that they will side with your competition rather than your brand. For this reason, it would be smart for your company to create a unique yet consistent tone of videos which you will post across social media platforms. This simple move will help you and your company establish a unique brand identity and voice.


Define the video marketing budget

Once you’ve created a compelling video concept, make sure you see to that the production budget is sensible and in line with your marketing strategy. If you venture to put a lot of money into a single video and hope it scores an overnight success, you need to be aware that the results may fall short of the mark. The same is true of under-funding your marketing videos. Your target audience can tell low from high quality as regards filming, production, and other key aspects of video creation, and they won’t like it in the least. To stay on the safe side, carefully consider all the factors and aspects of your campaign and allocate marketing funds in line with your brand’s interests and the expectations of your clients in terms of voice, quality, and other key aspects of video production. You can also ask industry experts or influencers to give your video a boost by either participating in them or by sharing them free of charge or for a sensible compensation. To save cash in the process, you can turn to a reputed video maker online as such affordable editing tools and applications can help you stay within the budget while outputting high-quality videos.


Optimize video marketing channels

With your video baked and ready for distribution, you should consider the best channels to stream them as to reach maximum viewer engagement and response. When posting to Facebook, this means uploading short videos with a clear message and captions, whereas posting to Instagram or TikTok entails a need for video brevity, clarity, and humor or distinctiveness. When uploading videos to YouTube, you’ll have the chance to edit video content within two weeks as to optimize viewer engagement based on behavior and response. With Twitter, however, this means striking the balance between fine-tuned marketing and not over-targeting. Staying on trend while not over-marketing will help you avoid a sense of pushiness that can – and usually does – achieve a completely opposite result.


Test and tweak marketing videos

Much like for display ad campaigns, A/B testing will help you gauge which campaign elements are working well and which aren’t, such as ad creativity, message, and length. You can use different parameters to measure campaign success, such as engagement rate, view count, play rate, social sharing, and comments or feedback, and tweak your videos based on this information. If your promotional videos aren’t performing as well as you originally meant, the indicators will help you boost your video marketing strategy and create killer website content soon thereon.


Are you ready to create a winning video marketing strategy and carry it out like an expert? Follow the tricks listed above and your brand will soon get the exposure and engagement you’re aiming for. Good luck!



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff