The Millennial Guide To Building Savings

After watching a generation of parents suffer as a result of the economic crash, younger generations are forward planning for a comfortable life and plenty of savings. As times have moved on, so have our ways of saving. Take the millennial approach to your savings with these modern methods to help you put money in the bank.



Micro-investments are a simple way for people to invest money without huge financial risks. Using Moneybox and similar apps, it’s possible to invest smaller amounts of money to learn more about the investment market and benefit from gains too. It’s worth taking a look at the best micro investing apps to work out which one can help you get started on building those savings.


Spare change apps

If like many people these days, you don’t tend to carry cash, you probably rely on your Visa or Mastercard to take care of your everyday spending. This means you’re unlikely to build up spare change that you’d normally keep in a jar for a rainy day. However, with spare change apps, you can round up your spending to be put into a virtual pot, which you can use however you please. Some will invest your money for you, otherwise, you can save it and build it up.



Cryptocurrency is the currency for the digital age. In recent years, cryptocurrency trading has really taken off, particularly day trading due to the high levels of trading that take place every day. Through the right cryptocurrency trading platform, you can trade from the comfort of your living room to try and generate income to go towards your future. Whether you’re looking to develop short-term savings or something more long-term, cryptocurrency could be the new trading platform for you.


Side Hustles

Investments aren’t for everyone, but growing your savings is something that everyone can do. For many people, a side hustle is a normal part of life, allowing you to make money by doing something that you’re interested in or can make money from in your spare time. There are a lot of side hustles you can do while working full-time, allowing you to grow your income to save it or enjoy more of the things you love right now.


Smart Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the simplest ways to grow your savings, as well as learn how to manage your money better. Budgeting is easier than ever these days, allowing you to manage your money from your phone or other portable devices. Keeping track of your everyday spending will help you manage your savings, as well as make things like shopping for luxury purchases more affordable. Download a budgeting app and improve your financial situation today.


Building savings now can help you with your future finances, helping you to enjoy early retirement, being self-sufficient and being able to invest your money in property and other interests. It’s never too late to start building savings, so start now and watch your money grow.


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