The Ideal Careers Based on Your Personality Type

Finding the perfect career path to embark on is a goal that many people dream of achieving. A famous saying argues, “Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life.” Your dream job may take a while, and it is likely to involve some trial and error. Nevertheless, you can get a better idea of what career is suited to your personality type thanks to the Myers-Briggs test. 


Provider (ESFJ)

Great jobs for ESFJs include a museum curator or office manager; they look for harmony in the workplace and love socializing. 


Idealist (INFP)

This personality will value intensity and creativity, which bodes well for an artist, photographer, or copywriter. 


Performer (ESFP)

ESFPs are driven by excitement and socializing, so they could truly shine as an event planner, entertainer, or even flight attendant. 


Champion (ENFP)

The ENFP meaning typically depicts an extraordinarily intuitive and highly individualistic being, who would suit a job like a news anchor, musician or editor. 


Inspector (ISTJ)

ISTJs come across as responsible and detail-orientated. Suitable jobs include a dentist, a military officer, or even a business analyst. 


Counsellor (INFJ)

This personality type tends to be both idealist and empathetic. Potential career paths could include a counsellor, psychologist, or librarian.  Many people with these traits sign up for psychology certificate programs helping them gain the necessary skills to succeed in these fields. This gives them a fulfilling career that allows them to help others while also utilizing their empathy and idealism.


Mastermind (INTJ)

Potential job choices for INTJs include practical thinking and strategizing. Consider something like a financial advisor, musical performer, or teacher. 


Giver (ENFJ)

ENFJs are considered idealistic yet very ethical. They could enjoy working in human resources, public relations, or as an art director. 


Craftsman (ISTP)

ISTPs are very rational people. However, they also boast of a lucky streak. They love to collaborate and could work well as engineers, technicians, or inspectors. 


Doer (ESTP)

ESTPs are highly sociable and enjoy logical processes so they might do well in careers like creative director, firefighter, or a paramedic. 


Supervisor (ESTJ)

This personality is described as traditional, honest, and organized, so they could find themselves content working as a judge, coach, or hotel manager. 


Commander (ENTJ)

ENTJs love dealing with rationality and logic; therefore, they excel in roles like a mechanical engineer, construction manager, or business administrator. 


Thinker (INTP)

These are the most logic-driven types of personality. They have an aptitude for reading people and could work as writers, professors, or marketing consultants.  


Nurturer (ISFJ)

ISFJs are very philanthropic and enjoy giving back. Potential careers include elementary teacher, accountant, or photographer. 


Visionary (ENTP)

ENTPs need a high level of mental stimulation in their careers so they could do well as financial planners, analysts, or attorneys. 


Composer (ISFP)

Finally, ISFPs hate confrontation and value spontaneity so they could excel as opticians, bookkeepers, or therapists. 


Remember to take everything with a pinch of salt. Just because you took a test that says you should try for a career as a psychologist doesn’t mean you can’t still fulfil your dream of being a teacher. However, the job market can often be extremely overcrowded and confusing so take your time to find the right job.





Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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