The Best Simple Strategies to Keep Your Employees Motivated

A motivated worker is the best worker, and having a motivated staff is the only way for your business to grow in the right direction. So, here are few simple strategies that can help you to keep your employees motivated:


Be a good leader

If you want to have good employees, you have to be a good employee – it’s that simple. All jokes aside, there are many qualities that distinguish a boss from a leader, and having at leas some of them is essential if you want to have a motivated team working for your business. First off, you have to be supportive of your staff. This means trusting that they’ll get the job done properly, without micromanaging their every move. Additionally, being supportive means that you won’t punish every mistake and slip-up, but rather let your employees learn from their mistakes. However, if you want to avoid mistakes, you must train your team the right way. A serious employer doesn’t expect from their workers to learn the ropes on their own, but they provide systematic training programs on quality platforms, like the intranet cms software, that will enable them to be more productive and comfortable with their work. A good leader is also a good role-model, and you must hold yourself to a superior standard of accountability.


Set achievable goals

Another interesting thing that keeps workers motivated is goal-setting. Over 50% of people admitted that they would feel more motivated at work if they felt like they were doing something meaningful, and some would even put in extra hours. Everyone needs to feel important and valued, and setting clear objectives for your employees will significantly boost their job satisfaction. You have to think about connecting each individual’s work objective with the overall goals of the whole company, and make the goals as visible as possible. Whenever an objective is achieved, make sure you celebrate it, no matter how small it may be.


Recognize and reward effort 

Since we’re on the topic of goals and celebrating achievements, recognizing your employees’ efforts in working to fulfilling those goals is paramount for encouraging morale. If you want to keep good people, you have to give them a reason to stay. You can start by implementing a rewards program for employees who exceed expectations, or you can host a celebration to thank your team for the hard work they put in towards a project. But those are short-term rewards, you also need something much more concrete, which is something most employers tend to forget. Additional bonuses, promotions and raises are things that will remind your employees that working for you pays off, literally. How you decide to reward your employees is up to you, but remember, no one is going to put in extra work if they see that it’s not being appreciated.

Finding the right way to motivate your employees is a continuous process, and it requires effort from both sides. But by being supportive, setting achievable goals, and recognizing their efforts, you can create a team of motivated and dedicated workers that will drive your business to success. You should look here for more details to see how you can implement these strategies effectively in your workplace. Remember, a motivated employee is an asset to your company, and your efforts to keep them motivated will pay off in the long run. So don’t hesitate to invest time and resources into creating a positive work environment for your employees – it’s worth it!


Make room for growth

Once you find quality staff, it’s in your best interest to keep them. One way of making sure your employees don’t go to another company is if you offer them a chance to improve and grow within the company. Especially if you are expanding your business, and there are new high-ranking positions available. And it’s not just about a bigger paycheck, it’s about having your workers feeling valued and trusted to take on more responsibility, and that their work will be appreciated at a higher position in the firm. This tells your employees that you are a leader that cares about their team, and that you would rather see your most loyal people succeed, than get someone from the outside to fill those positions.


Encourage teamwork

Everyone loves to feel like they belong, so a pleasant teamwork-encouraging environment in the workplace should be at the forefront of the company culture. You want your employees feeling at ease and relaxed at work, but also motivated enough to think outside the box and get out of their comfort zone. The only way you can have a team of courageous risk-takers and innovative thinkers is by encouraging cooperation and support between co-workers in your firm.


By implementing a few strategies, you can easily ensure that your staff is satisfied and ready to give more. However, you must lead by example, and the only way to do so – is to become a good leader yourself. 



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff