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Top Tips for Sailboat Fishing

There is something both satisfyingly raw and calming about fishing. Wrestling with nature at some points and sitting in a zen-like mode at others – both can clear your mind in such mystifying ways that would make even Buddhist monks…

Exploring Exuma

If you’ve been following my recent journeys you’ve inevitably noticed my nautical expedition with The Moorings, and while I just can’t say enough good things about my experience with them, I also have to share a little more about the…

We set sail with The Moorings for a week in Exuma

When it comes to amazing adventures, I’m lucky to say that I have been on many over the years, but sailing on a catamaran yacht through The Exumas with The Moorings is probably the favourite adventure trip of my career….

The worlds most expensive adventures

For most of us, anything over a couple thousand in a year for travelling is probably not even an option, but if you have a lot of money to burn, lucky you, then really the choices of what you can…