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Getting it right when it comes to diversity: Polaris Prize Shortlist

2019 is more than half over and, finally, I’ve received a press release pertaining to a list of artist that hasn’t made me cringe or rage.  It was the Polaris Prize Shortlist and it was STACKED. *Haviah Mighty from her album 13th Floor…

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5 Reasons Why Cultural Diversity is Important Today

Being interested in other countries and people living there usually means you’re a person who likes to learn about new things and discover new places. However, that doesn’t mean traveling is the only way to learn more about cultural diversity….

Video Premiere: Tim Arnold’s “What Love would want”

Today we at Addicted are proud to share with you the Canadian premiere of “What Love would want”, a song by Tim Arnold. Last week we had the pleasure of featuring Tim as one of our Addicted Inspirations. A prolific…