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Eat to Nourish and Honor Your Body

How many times have you been told that “you are what you eat”? And how many times have you paused to think about how much truth there is in that saying? The foods you eat will directly impact everything about…


How To Get More Vitamins and Minerals Through Diet

The importance of vitamins and minerals cannot be emphasized enough. They are integral to your health and the proper intake of vitamins and minerals is crucial for a strong immune system, which can prevent any illnesses and reduce chronic diseases….

How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair

Taking care of your hair is always something you should be thinking about if you are serious about looking your best. There are a lot of hair care products on the market, and while many of them help keep your…


High-Protein Meal Plan Ideas

If you look at any good diet (even some of the fad ones), you can see that you’re advised to boost your protein intake. Why? Because protein is essential for many bodily processes like repairing tissue, maintaining bone health and…


Why Switch To Rye Flour in Your Diet

If you often visit the grocery store for bread, you probably know that there you dozens of bread options—white bread, whole-wheat, multigrain, the list goes on and on. There’s probably one type of bread that you might notice on the…