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Kick Out The Jams – Phish Returns To Toronto

Quarterly tours and concerts numbering in the hundreds each year was once the modus operandi of Phish. Formed in 1983 in Burlington, Vermont, the quartet cut their teeth playing likely every single college town in the northeast. By the mid-90s, this…


Live Music Friday – Niall Horan at Bud Stage

“What a beautiful bunch of singers” professed Irish pop star Niall Horan, addressing the crowd chanting along to Fool’s Gold, a fan-favourite from his One Direction period. By all accounts, those days are all but gone. Or so it seemed….

Iron Maiden – Book of Souls live in Toronto

NWOBHM is an acronym that lives in the shadows and doesn’t roll off the tongue with any ease at all. However, its importance to rock fans is prime. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal began in the late 1970s….