Style Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses

Many women see wearing glasses as a practical necessity rather than as a stylish accessory, but just because your glasses help you to see doesn’t mean they can’t look amazing too. If you’re tired of feeling like your glasses don’t work with your clothes or have been thinking about getting contacts because your face doesn’t seem to suit your frames, keep reading. This blog has some great tips for women who want to change the way they look when wearing specs.


Pay attention to color

Classic black frames always feel like a safe choice when buying glasses, but the truth is black can be too bold for many skin tones. If you’re pale and have warm undertones in your skin, you could be better off opting for brown or copper-colored glasses instead. However, lots of people struggle with color matching and it can take a lot of trial and error to discover what works for you. Getting a pair of clear glasses could be the answer you’ve needed all along. Clear frames give your look a cool, contemporary feel – and they’re pretty much guaranteed to work with every eye color and skin tone out there!


Work out your face shape

Much like color, not every type of frame will work for your unique face shape. You’ve probably never thought too much about the shape of your face before, but understanding whether you lean more towards soft and round or angular and square will help you choose a more stylish pair of specs.

If you really want to nail down the shape of your face, look into heart and oval shapes as well as classic round and square. By measuring different areas of your face, you’ll be able to understand your forehead to chin ratio much better, enabling you to shop for glasses more easily.


Match your glasses to your clothes

Your wardrobe and your glasses should go hand in hand, so if your frames have more of a vintage feel but your clothes consist of baggy jeans and hoodies, it’s no surprise that you feel a bit mismatched. You might not think that glasses come in a huge range of styles – but they really do. If you’re finding it hard to figure out which glasses match your style the best, it might not be the glasses that are the problem. Plenty of people have never taken the time to work out what their personal style is and you might be one of them. Do you actually love the clothes in your wardrobe? Think about this carefully before splurging on any more clothes or glasses.


Have multiple pairs of glasses

Who said you should only have one pair of specs to your name? Like shoes, glasses should be changed depending on the occasion you’re attending. It’s a good idea to have elegant pairs for those black-tie events and chunkier frames for lounging around the house. It’s hard to find a pair of glasses that work all year round, so make sure you start building your collection today.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow