Sex Drive: Do Women Want Sex As Much As Men Do?

We all know the old saying that men think about sex several times per hour, whereas women think about it only several times per day at most. Yet, this is an old fashioned notion that doesn’t hold up any longer.

The reality is that women are also sexually minded. Women and men may very well be wired differently, so their approach to sex and sexuality differ, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t think about it or enjoy it.

Why is it important for people to understand these differences? Relationships are much more equal and balanced when we can see things from both partner’s perspective. When it comes to sex, it is imperative to know what is important for a woman so that both parties are satisfied with their sex life. 

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In this article, we will go over what factors into a typical woman’s sex drive. Of course, this is a generalisation, and not all women have an equal sex drive. After all, a quick look at the site and it’s clear that there are plenty of women who view sex the same way a man does. 


Beyond looks

Men generally get aroused by the sight of an attractive woman. And even more so if she is showing a bit of flesh in strategic areas.

Now, women also like to see a good looking man and will start to get excited when they see one that is their type, but it doesn’t end there. Beyond what a man looks like, it takes a bit more to make a spark turn into a flame.

Women will generally look at other traits the man has. If he is funny as well as handsome, for instance, then this will further entice a woman. And if he is also somebody that they feel safe around then, this will again go a long way towards her opening up sexually.

There are feelings involved when a woman is ready for sex, and that’s not to say that men don’t also have emotions tied to a physical connection, it’s just that we’re focusing on the ladies today.


Societal pressures

Nobody thinks twice when a guy is out on the town and looking to hook up. But, women may tend to suppress their desires because they understand that there is a double standard. So, even women with a high sex drive are not always out and about and ready for sex at the drop of a hat like some men tend to be.

They don’t want to be judged by society, or even by their prospective partner.

Though these dated norms are adjusting in modern times, and women are more likely to express their sexual desires without as many repercussions as in the past, there is still a significant barrier that women have to overcome. 


More intimacy

Even women that think about sex quite a bit during the day rarely are thinking of the big payoff or orgasm. They tend to think about the feelings they get during sex, like the physical connection and sense that comes with being touched a certain way. Then there is the mental and emotional connection they enjoy that sometimes comes with sex, and they tend to think about it in those terms.

Now that’s not to say we aren’t thinking about the end game, because we are, what we are saying is, women are excellent at multitasking, even when it comes to our sexuality.



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