Passenger Safety Tips on Cruise Lines

You ordered your Carnival cruise ticket months ago only to have the trip postponed due to the Coronavirus. You might now finally be getting ready to go on your trip, and even though you are excited, you can’t help but be worried about the virus and other dangers that may belie a cruise goer.


COVID Related Precautions 

Be sure to stop by a free testing centre a couple of weeks before you board the ship. Invest in a medical-grade reusable mask or two, along with a coupe back-up non-medical grade masks and wear one whenever you leave your cabin. Sanitise your hands regularly and do not eat at the buffet if there is one. Carnival should give all passengers a test before your cruise departs and they should take your temperature often. It is best to do most of your eating and drinking in your room, or areas separated from others.


Stay off Your Phone During the Muster Drill

Whenever you go on a cruise, you have to attend a muster drill. You learn where the staff keep the life jackets, and they will tell you where your muster station is. A boat has several different alarms, and they should tell you what each of them means during this drill, along with their procedures in scale around covid and any emergencies that may arise.


Never Smoke Outside of Designated Areas

It would be best if you never smoked in your cabin or on your balcony, and chances are, it’s prohibited anyways. If you know if anyone smoking where they should not be, let a crew member know.


Drink Responsibly

It is easy to get carried away when you are on a cruise. The food and drinks are already paid for, and you are away from your responsibilities. However, many shipboard accidents are alcohol-related. You are on a moving vehicle, and if the water gets rough, the effects of alcohol can be heightened. Although the bartenders of a cruise should never over-serve you, you should take care to stop drinking when you feel inebriated.


Lock Your Door and Stay Visible at Night 

If you are old enough to remember the Love Boat, you probably recall many a guest star met their love of the week while standing on deck alone at night. In reality, you should know that robbery and sexual assault happen on some cruises. Cruise lines sometimes neglect their responsibility to provide proper security based on the number of guests.

If you want to take a walk on deck by yourself at night, try to keep to a reasonably visible area. Close your door and lock it and give any valuables you have to the ship’s purser, or out of the room safe. Be especially careful about locking your doors and windows when docked in a port. 

If you have been injured on a cruise due to negligence and the insurance company did not compensate you fairly, you may want to consider legal action. A trained Carnival Cruise accident attorney will be well versed in negotiating with insurance companies. They will be seasoned with personal injury law and maritime laws as well. A professional law firm will have the resources to research your case and argue voraciously on your behalf. 


So, while we don’t advise anyone to take a cruise nowadays, if you do, stay informed, be safe and remember to know your exit strategy.

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