New Soundwave Summit Bringing Podcasters Together

A new podcasting summit is entering the Toronto sphere bringing with it a lot of hype!
The Soundwave Summit, being held on June 6th, will provide a day of podcasting workshops and seminars, and an evening of four live podcasts on stage. The day seminars include discussing the landscape of podcasting, building community, diversity, finding networks and funding and developing your businesses.
The evening live podcasts are from BlackLantic, Squirrel Talk!, Quiz Coconut’s QuickFile Quiz-Pod and The Women of Ill Repute.
Sherley Joseph, founder of the Chonilla Network and hosts podcasts like Black Canadian Creators and Uncolonized Podcast, told us about wanting to help organize the Soundwave Summit. “Since I started my podcast journey back in 2008, I’ve seen the growth of podcasting in Canada. Despite attending numerous podcast events or meetups, I could count on one hand the number of people who looked like me. This summit is the podcasting event I always dreamed of—a conference for indie podcasters by indie podcasters, with a focus on being inclusive and diverse.”
Joseph adds, “The Soundwave Summit promises to foster creativity, community, and innovation through panels, speakers, and live podcast recordings. I hope it will bring together a variety of voices, enthusiasts, professionals, and fans of podcasting, offering opportunities for collaboration and growth regardless of culture, creed, age, orientation, or identity. I realized the impact of this event while creating the talent page for the Soundwave Summit. My fellow co-organizers, Amanda Cupido at Lead Podcasting and Michael Mongiardi at The Sonar Network, and I, representing The Chonilla Network, feel humbled, honoured, and excited about the inspiring discussions and potential connections we are providing as a platform for like-minded individuals and creators in Toronto who are making waves in our favourite medium.”
The Soundwave Summit day sessions will be at Startwell with the live podcasts being hosted at Taco Taco in Kensington Market!
For more information, visit for tickets.
Hillary LeBlanc

Hillary LeBlanc

Hillary is an Acadian-Senegalese queer woman passionate about sharing stories relating to the Black community, fashion, beauty and sustainability.