Never Miss An Episode Of Your Favorite Show With These Tips

At one point or another, we have all experienced that feeling of wanting to know what happens next when waiting for episodes of your favourite show to be released.  If the wait is too long, we might forget to watch the next episode for a while or even forget about the plot or show itself if we’ve moved on to another show. 

With all of the different streaming services available now, it has become harder to find your favourite show or to keep up with it. This is especially the case if the episodes are released at specific intervals, such as each week or during a new season premiere. These tips will ensure that you won’t miss any episode of your favourite show.


Download Streaming Guides on Your Phone

Streaming services increase every day, and they offer new content all the time. With all these shows, it can be confusing to figure out which streaming service is offering your favorite show. It seems that many people experience the same challenge and their problem was solved with the use of streaming guides. These guides can usually be found on apps that can be accessed on a phone, such as JustWatch.  These guides will tell you which TV channels and streaming services have your favourite show. It has never been easier to find the show you want.


Calendar Notifications

You heard that right! If you are a true fan of your favourite show, you most likely take the time to set up notifications on your phone calendar to remind you of the show’s next episode or season premiere. If your default calendar app is not user-friendly, there are countless calendar apps on the Apple store or Play store. It will take you less than a minute to write the information and the date of the show, and your phone will automatically remind you of the time you set.


Network Websites

Networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and more, have a wide selection of shows available on their websites for free. However, free episodes are offered for either older shows or just a handful of episodes for a new show. On the other hand, these websites list all of their shows and when they are scheduled to be aired. With little time management, you will never miss an episode of your favorite show.



Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are services that will keep you safe while browsing the internet. A VPN will create a private tunnel for your communication with public networks. Additionally, they work to unlock regional restrictions on some streaming services. For example, if you are registered on Hulu in the US, you will not be able to access it in Europe, especially if you are on a trip. However, by investing in either a free or paid VPN you could watch your favourite episodes on Hulu while travelling in Europe. However, free VPNs are unreliable and they might not even work, while on the other hand using ExpressVPN with Hulu guarantees that you can watch your favourite show seamlessly as if you are still in the US. It is better to invest in a good VPN, rather than a free and potentially unreliable one, to ensure the safety of your data online, and to allow consistent access to keep your favourite show wherever you are in the world.


Find a Show Buddy

Similar to having a gym buddy who encourages you to work out, a show buddy can encourage you to keep up to date with a show. 

 You can strike up a conversation with them about the show, and you never know, you might have found someone who shares your passion and interest in that show.  Also, show buddies can remind each other not to miss the next episode. Nobody wants to hear or read spoilers, right? As a bonus, you will have someone to discuss the events of the episode with and come up with your own fan theories.


Binge Watch the Show

If you have impressive self-control, you might decide to wait for the season, or the whole show, to end before binge-watching it like a professional. If you go down this route, you won’t miss any episodes, and you won’t have to wait for a whole week to know what happens next. However, you will be prone to spoilers, especially from other fans and social media. It is a risky tactic but if you manage it well, it can work. Binge-watching and sharing popcorn with your partner can be a fun activity that you both can share!


Keeping up with your favourite show isn’t as difficult as it used to be in the past. Streaming services have made it easier to watch any show according to your schedule. You will need a bit of time management, help from guides, organization, and self-discipline to ensure that you will be able to watch every episode on time. VPN is a useful tool to access region-restricted shows and investing in a good one will save you from unwanted spoilers.



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