Luxury Items That Every Man Should Own

Learning how to dress well is by no means an easy task. There are those of us that spend our whole lives chasing our perfect fashion style, and those of us that grow old enough to watch certain styles fade out of view – but finding a fashion ‘centre’ is made much easier with a little bit of knowledge, and a handful of luxury items that can define your look.

Of course, there might be a little disconnect in the title – luxury items are, by definition, expensive and perhaps even unnecessary purchases. However, making a few staple purchases here and there can set you up for a lifetime of events and occasions – ensuring you can meet the moment with comfort, care and panache.

So, what are these must-have luxury items that every man should own?


A Tailored Suit

Every man should have one tailored suit in their wardrobe, ready to go. A high street three-piece will not do, nor will some Frankensteinian composite of trouser and sports coats. Hold on to these if you fancy, and by all means wear them if you wish! But wearing them at certain events and occasions can reflect poorly on you, or at the very least render you in an unintentionally unflattering fashion.

A good tailored suit works wonders for your body shape, whatever it is. It can also be worn to practically anything, giving you no excuse to look anything but suave when at an event, occasion or function.


A Good Watch

Watches can very quickly, and very easily, become something of a vice for the discerning gentleman; watches are everything from stores of financial value to signifiers of status and precious personally meaningful totems. Even for the uninitiated and unbothered, though, one good watch can make magnitudes of difference to an outfit or look. In addition, consider luxury bands from Horus Straps to make your timepiece stand out of the crowd.

Good watches are not hard to come by, but can be extremely expensive. Prestige brands like Rolex are well-renowned on account of build quality, longevity, aesthetic form and a great many other variables; their build quality also makes them a safe second-hand purchase, giving you discount entry to a club that’s well worth joining. The simple act of wearing a good watch can bring about a great deal of confidence.


Quality Sunglasses

By that same token, a good pair of brand-name sunglasses can be nothing short of transformative. We’re all intimately aware of that painful annual trip to Primark or H&M for a single sub-£10 pair of poor-quality sunnies – one we sometimes have to make twice or thrice in a year, thanks to loss or breakage.

A good pair of sunglasses can be difficult to justify for the relative cheapness of knock-off high street offerings, but a single good pair in your favourite frame shape would be a cost you never incur again. Quality sunglasses don’t hurt after 15 minutes of wear; they also go that final mile for the cohesiveness of your summer look.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow