Level up your Ride: Changes That Will Help You Drive In Style

Whether you have purchased a brand-new car or an older model – there are numerous things you can do to give your vehicle an individual look that matches your style and needs perfectly. Remember, you are likely to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, so a few renovations here and there are definitely worth the money and will make the driving much more fun and exciting.

With that in mind, here are some relatively simple car tools and tricks that will make a huge difference!

Photo by Erik Mclean



A custom paint job

There are numerous benefits to a custom paint job – especially if you want to improve the overall appearance of your car. A new coat of paint can turn an old car into a new one and can remove any imperfections or blemishes from your car’s surface – such as scratches, chips and rust spots.

When it comes to choosing a colour, don’t rush into your decision. However, it is essential you take everything into consideration before making a choice, especially as some colours such as white fade quickly, or take more effort to clean than others. Light and bright colours often show the signs of dirt and grime more clearly thank darker models, that can mask any stains. 



Over time, the seating in your car is susceptible to damage and wear in tear – including rips or scuff marks or faded colours. Replacing seating can be expensive, but you can easily get your hands on some slipcovers online that will make the inside of your car look like brand new. When selecting your slipcover, try to find a colour that matches your car’s exterior for a sleek and stylish finish. 


New Tyres

Although you may not think so, your tyres have a significant impact on not only how your car looks – but the kind of journey’s it can handle. For example, if you work as a tradie, you will need to ensure your car can tackle long journeys on rugged terrain. As a result, you may benefit from getting your hands on 4×4 rims and tires. They are also great if you want to experience off-roading safely, whether you are driving through piles of mud or red hot sand. 


Window tints

Sometimes, you’ll want your privacy when you are driving. For example, there’s nothing worse than stopping at the lights and noticing the person beside you is looking at you. One way in which you can combat this is through window tints – which can also help block out the glare of the sun making driving more comfortable. However, before you make this change, be aware that some regions do not allow certain types of tinting so you should check out your local area’s rules beforehand. 


A phone mount

To ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, it is crucial that you do not use your phone when driving. This means you should not be checking messages or responding to emails – even if you’re stuck in traffic – your focus should always be on the road. However, a phone mount means you can still have access to some facilities – such as a music streaming service or hands-free calls. You may also benefit from connecting your phone to your car via Bluetooth so that you can respond to calls. Furthermore, a phone mount means you can rely on GoogleMaps or a similar service to track your journey. 


A Dashcam

Installing a dashcam can really change the way you drive – especially if you are planning on taking a road trip and want to capture some of the sights you see along the way. Furthermore, they are also useful if you ever get into an accident that is not your fault – as the incident will be caught on camera and you can use the evidence to support yourself. In addition, studies have shown that drivers who have installed dashcams also tend to drive safer – perhaps because they know everything they do is being filmed! This means a dashcam is definitely worth the initial investment. 


A Custom Licence plate

Who says you have to settle for the licence plate that came with your car? A custom licence plate is a great way to add a unique touch to your car, and there are always plenty of different options to chose from. 


Massage cushion pads

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, you are bound to get uncomfy from time to time – especially on long journeys. However, one way in which you can help fight aches and pains and remove any tension from your muscles is by attaching a massage cushion pad to your seats. They give you the complete spa experience from the comfort of your car and can make your everyday life much easier. If you often feel cold when driving, you may also benefit from heated pads that can fight the winter chill and ensure you are always warm and toasty!


LED lights

Sometimes, the lighting provided in your car isn’t the best and can make things difficult. As a result, installing LED lighting to your door panels or alone, the roof can make a difference – they can also make your car look similar to a sports car. Many LED lights also give you the option to change the colour – from bright white to warm red – depending on the kind of mood you may be in. 


A Charger

If you are on a long journey, your phone could likely run out of battery right when you need it most. If you are relying on your phone as a GPS device, this can lead to numerous problems. Thankfully, there is now plenty of technology available that will allow you to charge your phone from inside your car – such as charger ports that fit into your 12V ports. This means you can ensure your phone (or other devices) never run out of battery when you are behind the wheel.  



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