It’s the little things. 5 things we always forget

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve forgotten something? It’s that little feeling of doubt that creeps in, usually when things are going well. It’s hardly surprising that little things get forgotten now and again, after all, we lead hectic lifestyles, so it simply can’t be helped!

It seems that forgetting things is just part of everyday life, so we’ve gathered 5 of the most common things people forget, in the hope that it might jog your memory!


Replacing your printer ink

We’ve all done it. Printed something off, used the last of the ink and convinced ourselves we’ll order some more. It’s only when we need to print off that important document or our kid’s homework that we realise the gravity of this mistake. Thankfully, the solution is easy – simply top up your printing supplies with the Cheapest Epson Ink in the UK and have them delivered straight to your door! You don’t have to pay a fortune to correct this little mistake!


To reply to that email

Your boss asked you to take a look at an account…that was three days ago. It’s only in their stern follow-up email that you realise your memory has once again, let you down. It’s not easy to keep up with emails, after all, we get dozens of them every day! Try to get into the habit of responding/deleting/filing your emails as soon as you get them, so you can keep on top of your chaotic inbox.



With so many online reminders these days, you’d think forgetting people’s birthdays would be a thing of the past. However, that creeping sense of guilt that comes with realising you’ve forgotten your sisters’ birthday is still the same, despite her daily posts about her upcoming celebrations. Go through your diary and write down the birthdays of your loved ones – set reminders a few days before so you can get yourself organised!



You’ve been told to update your password, so you make it memorable. You don’t need to write it down. It’s only when you can’t log into your work emails that you realise how wrong you were. Get into the habit of taking note of any updated passwords, until they become second nature. Of course, it goes without saying to be careful with these notes. You can also use the “password save” feature on your browser but use this with caution.


Watering your houseplants

Houseplants have seen a boost in popularity in 2020 – it gives us something to nurture, to decorate our homes with and take pride in. But once the novelty of your cheese plant or lemon line dracaena has worn off, it won’t be long before modern life gets in the way once more and you’re left with a browning, sad-looking houseplant. Set reminders on your phone to keep your plant well watered and maintained – the healthier it looks, the nicer your home will be!


Final thoughts…

Are you guilty of forgetting these little habits?

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow