How To Write Ideal Affirmations For You And Your Happiness

Manifestation and affirmations seem to have taken the world by storm. While some people might feel silly talking themselves up in the mirror while brushing their teeth, manifestation is much more than that. It is a form of self affirmation, a way of becoming firm in your beliefs and protecting your sense of self.

Positive affirmations are intentional positive thoughts formulated in the present tense, with the aim of manifesting your goals in real life. You put it out into the universe, so to say. Some would call it faking it until you make it, but scientists are starting to uncover the neurological mechanics of it too, so don’t be so quick to discredit manifestation and its powers if you are a sceptic.

But how do you write truly successful affirmations that will work? Even though thinking might sound effortless, writing an affirmation requires an immense amount of mindfulness from you. If you genuinely want your affirmations to happen, here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind when writing them.


Stick to one or two affirmations

When you discover manifestation and start to write your first positive affirmations, you might get excited and write down everything and anything you want to happen. If you have a paper filled top to bottom with daily affirmations, step on the breaks for a minute and understand that each affirmation needs a lot of power in it to manifest itself.

Consequently, it is best to choose one or two affirmations that are most powerful in your mind right now and focus on them. Give each affirmation the best chance for success by really putting in the mental effort it deserves.


How you make notes is important

Much like it is true for witches casting a spell, how and where you write your affirmations is very important. While you are writing your affirmations, you should be in an elevated mood. You should be happy, excited, and invested in the process.

Prepare the space you will write in, light candles, put some music on, and create an inviting and warm environment where you will be at peace. You can even opt for writing your affirmations outdoors. Woods, beaches, cliffs, and mountains can be very inspiring when thinking of significant life decisions and events, and connecting with nature does wonders for your mental health, mindfulness and manifestation.


Be ready to find out what you truly want

This might seem obvious, but you have to honestly want it for an affirmation to manifest itself. That is why before you write something down, you should evaluate if this is indeed what your heart desires or if the wish is coming from a place of inadequacy or people-pleasing.

For you to believe in an affirmation so vividly that it happens, it has to come from your soul. So, if you wish to become an academic essay writer to please your parents, all the while you hate even the thought of writing, you are doing it wrong. Positive affirmations have a funny way of confronting us with our true needs and wants, and this can be a very therapeutic stop on the way to manifesting the life of your dreams.


Build systems instead of goals

This tip will help you merge positive affirmations with the natural psychology of happiness and put you on the speedway to success. It is also a good tip for stubborn affirmations that don’t seem to happen, no matter how hard you try.

Let’s use an example and say your affirmation is, “I have more than enough money to pay my student debt.” Instead of focusing on the goal, which is enough money to play off your student debt, affirm a system that will help you do so. “I have excellent money management skills that enable me to live a financially free life” sounds more methodical, and you are focusing on a skill that will inevitably get you what you want – to pay off your student debts.


Aim high but be realistic

You should be confident in your skills but, at the same time, understand that if you aim too high and expect it to happen right away, you might be disappointed and give up altogether.

Beginners especially should focus on building the mental flexibility that manifestation requires before really expecting affirmations to work. Mindfulness is a skill, and positive affirmations take time.


Get emotionally attached; truly believe

So, while we are still on the topic of mindfulness and mental flexibility, the part of positive affirmations that can make or break your work is genuinely believing in the affirmations you write down. Sometimes it is tough to think we can reach specific goals. People can be very narrow-minded when it comes to realising their potential.

If you are trying to affirm to yourself that you are a confident person who loves themselves but your subconscious is rejecting the idea, this is not going to work. Sit with your affirmation and think of why you can fulfil it. Think of your big leaps and successes in the past, and think of your attributes that will make this affirmation possible


To conclude, how you write an affirmation can significantly impact your success. If you put your effort and mind into it, you are already halfway there. Write your affirmations with intention, focus on what you truly want, and believe that you can. This is how your affirmations will best serve you and your happiness.

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